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Central Railway’s Zero Scrap Mission is a program that was launched with the aim of reducing scrap and saving energy. The program is a collaborative effort between Central Railway and the Indian Railways.

The Zero-Scrap mission started with a few initial initiatives such as “Swachh Rail” – an awareness campaign about solid scrap management

India’s central railway has been the first to launch a zero-scrap mission. The central railway is one of the largest rail networks in India.

The central railway zero-scrap mission aims to reduce scrap on the rail premises to the maximum. It has also set up a recycling hub at the station and will start using recycled materials for track laying, road construction, and other activities.

The zero scrap mission is an initiative launched by Indian Central Railway for reducing scrap on tracks that are generated due to laying and maintenance work in its network. The project was launched with a view to create awareness about sustainable development and generate more awareness among people about the recycling and reuse of scrap products.

Central Railway Zero Scrap Mission is a unique initiative that has been launched by Central Railway to make the railway station environment clean and green.

The mission aims at not only making the station environment cleaner but also ensuring zero-scrap production. It is an innovative project that not just looks at scrap management but also tries to reduce carbon footprint.

Central Railway Zero Scrap Mission is a campaign by Central Railway to reduce the amount of scrap generated on its premises.

There are a number of ways in which this mission can be achieved such as; creating awareness among passengers about their responsibility in reducing scrap and providing recycling bins at stations and trains.

What is Central Railway Zero Scrap Mission?

Central Railway has taken a step towards zero-scrap by implementing an innovative project called the ‘Central Railway Zero-Scrap Mission’. This project, which will be completed in phases, aims to completely eliminate solid scrap from their system. The project will be completed in phases with each phase having a specific goal.

Central Railway has continued its relentless efforts towards achieving the “Zero Scrap Mission” to make all stations, sections, installations, depots, workshops, sheds, and workplaces covering all railway locations/Divisions scrap-free.

Railway also earns handsome amount by selling the scrap which is no longer in use for them. Making railways scrap-free is helping Indian Railways to make the environment clean and green.  Moving forward, Indian Railways is slowly but surely on the right track to achieving the goal of the zero scrap mission.

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