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eCatering IRCTC Authorized Food on Track

eCatering IRCTC authorized food on track service refers to the online food ordering platform that Indian Railways offers. This service is available online, as well as offline via phone call. One of the most notable features of this service is its speed. With this service, you will be able to order food from its pre-approved vendors across India in just two minutes. Zoop is an Authorized IRCTC eCatering Aggregator which gives you the convenience of booking and paying for your IRCTC food order online. You can also avail this service through Zoop mobile app and get a confirmation transaction number and order ID.

Major advantage of eCatering service is that it allows passengers order food of their own choice and do not bind them to a fixed menu. This is breaking the age-old perception of food servings in trains. It is very exciting to know that you can actually order from a restaurant in any city in India and it’ll get delivered to you right on your berth. You can avail this awesome technology-based solution even if you are traveling in Shatabdi or Rajdhani type trains which have food availability. Just remember to opt out from food selection tab on the ticket reservation page instead of choosing between Veg or Non-Veg in the drop-down list.

So go ahead and order snacks, meals, or breakfast, or any of your desired taste style online 24/7 with just one click. This service will definitely provide a better experience and deliver high-quality food at your berth within the specified time period. You can also make a request for customization in the cooking style beforehand. For example, if you need a less oily or spicy preparation, then you can point that out while creating your order.

What is eCatering?

eCatering is the modern method to order delivery of pre-booked meals at your train berth/seat. This feature gives passengers the ability to not just order food and beverages through electronic mediums like website or mobile applications but also by simply dialing at 8010802222. It has opened up a whole new world of flavors and taste for passengers when they are traveling by rail through various famous stations of India. It is so convenient that you can order even while you are in the middle of a journey or when you need to make some instant plans.

How to Order Food through IRCTC eCatering?

E-catering lets you book meals on wheels without the hassle of having to step out of train and reach out to food stalls at railway platforms. It's an exciting new way to enjoy your journey in the comfort and convenience of staying on your seat. From breakfast to dinner, with e-catering you have lot more options than ever before. It saves you time, money, and gives you loads of options and variety to customize your meal.

Passengers who have a valid reservation ticket can do IRCTC meal booking through eCatering in trains. The process is as given below:

  • On the homepage of Zoop Website or Zoop APP, enter PNR number. If search is made by train name or station’s name, then the system will seek your PNR for verification purpose before confirming the order.
  • You can also call at 8010802222 for assistance.
  • Choose the station at which food is to be delivered; IRCTC eCatering Menu will open with its item and prices.
  • Select the restaurant and then select the meal to be booked. Selling prices of meal will be displayed alongside.
  • While placing the order you need to choose the mode of payment between cash on delivery (COD) or online payment. Thereafter submit the order and once done, you will get the confirmation of your booking.

Top Quality Meals on Wheels

Get Fresh and Healthy Food with Contactless Delivery through IRCTC Meal Booking. This fast growing and expanding facility is offering travelers variety of top-quality meals on wheels. IRCTC eCatering menu includes selection of steak options, which includes:

North Indian Dishes: North Indian cuisines are delicious and spicy in taste. The ideal mixture of spices and its one-of-a-kind cooking fashion makes it a higher desire to eat in trains.

South Indian: Some of the south Indian dishes which IRCTC meal booking offers to the passengers are Masala Dosa, Uttapam, Idli, Vada, Upma, Pongal, and even a South Indian Thali.

Chinese: Chinese dishes are a diverse mixture of thick veggies, sauces, or chicken cooked with unique spices. Hakka noodles, Manchurian, Fried Rice, Manchow and Soups are some of the finest recipes.

Fast food: You can order fast foods like, French Fries, Burgers, Veg and Non-Veg Pizza of different variety at any station. Enjoy your journey with yummy fast food in train.

Veg Thali (Maharaja, Deluxe, Standard and Mini): A Veg Thali provides complete nutrition to the body for good health. The varieties available in Thali are Maharaja Thali, Deluxe Thali, Standard Thali, and Mini Thali. This platter can include Seasonal Veg, Paneer Butter Masala, Roti, Dal Fry, Raita, Curd, Salad, Papad, Pickle and Sweets.

Non –Veg Deluxe Thali: Non-veg lovers must order this Deluxe Thali which contains Chicken curry/Butter Chicken, Paratha/Chapatti, Dal, Seasonal Veg, Raita, Curd, Salad, Papad, pickle and Sweet. It is one of the most frequently ordered thalis in train.

Popular Food Varieties Available to Book Meals on train.

  • Thali in Trains: Maharaja Thali, Deluxe Thali, Standard Veg Thali, Mini Thali, & Non-Veg Thali, and many more.
  • Biryani in Trains
  • Pizza in trains
  • Pure Veg food on trains
  • Non-Veg Food on trains
  • Breakfast in Trains
  • Lunch in trains
  • Snacks in Trains
  • Dinner in trains
  • Cakes in trains
  • Milk in trains
  • Beverages – Tea, Coffee, and Cold Drinks in trains
  • Train Food suitable for New Moms, Infants, Babies, and Toddlers
  • International cuisines like Chinese, Italian, and many more

Why Choose Zoop as IRCTC e-Catering Aggregator?

Why pack meal for a long train journey when you can get hot, quality, and delicious meals delivered to your berth or seat? Yes, Zoop IRCTC eCatering service brings you the best food on track service. Say goodbye to last-minute cooking worries and enjoy your train journey with delectable food from over 2000 fully authorized restaurants.

Still need a reason to get food delivery in running train through ‘IRCTC online food order’ service? We’ll give you ten.

Multitude Options: From international dishes to local lip-smacking preparations, you can order anything and everything through the extensive Zoop eCatering network. If you crave to delight your taste buds with a bowl of authentic Italian pasta or have a fulfilling South Indian thali or enjoy a hot piping cup of soup or a traditional Indian mithai or delicious chocolate cake at any point during your train journey, just ask Zoop.

Hygienic Meals: With Zoop Train Food service you can now be assured of getting quality food getting delivered to your train berth or seat. Rest assured since all restaurants associated with us strictly adhere to the FSSAI guidelines. From the ingredients to the packaging, everything is clean and fresh.

On-Seat Delivery: ZOOP ensures that delivery of your order happens right at your seat, and you don’t step out of your train coach or railway platform.

All Trains & Major Stations Covered: This facility is available for all trains and at all major railway stations. It is not limited to any specific route or train type.

Order 24x7: You can place your order anytime of the day and from any part of the world as per your convenience. So, order for yourself, parents, kids, friends, relatives, or colleagues with the comfort of your phone or laptop.

Easy to order: With three different options- Zoop eCatering official website (, Zoop App and phone call on +91 8010802222, train passengers can place their orders with ease through a mode of their choice.

Hassle-free Payments: Passengers can choose from multiple payment options, both offline and online. You can either complete the payment online using a credit card/ debit card, net-banking, UPI etc., among others or opt for ‘cash on delivery-COD’ feature as per your convenience.

Authorized IRCTC eCatering Service: Zoop is an officially approved service and follows all prescribed guidelines to offer you safe & completely tracked services.

Proper Packaging: Order only from IRCTC eCatering ‘Zoop’ app or official website if you wish to get your food delivered in proper packaging to avoid any leakage. Zoop train food service will deliver your food to your train berth/seat to ensure you have a pleasant food eating experience.

Easy Refunds & Cancellations: Depending on the vendors, orders once booked can be cancelled within a certain time period. If due to a reason your order gets cancelled, the refund will be processed within the next 3 (Three) working days.

Availability on all major ticketing APPs: You can also find Zoop on major travel ticketing Apps including official IRCTC Website and APP. Just look out for ‘Food in Train’ section and follow the simple steps to place your orders.

So, next time you need to order food easily, on the go using IRCTC eCatering ‘ZOOP’ app. Excited to order? Get scrumptious foods every time you travel on the train with IRCTC. Get quick food delivery in running train.

FAQs on eCatering

Q1. What is E catering in IRCTC?

E-catering is a facility from IRCTC through which passengers can order food of their choice during their journey and get it delivered to their seats.

Q2. What is e-Catering?

E-catering is a service started by IRCTC especially for passengers to order preferred meals during the journey. Food can be ordered through apps, websites, and phones.

Q3. How can I book food in IRCTC?

Booking food is fairly simple and easy. All you need is a valid ticket, just log on to, enter your PNR number, select the station from the list, and order food of your choice from the preferred restaurant.

Q4. How to order food in train from IRCTC eCatering?

Please note steps to book IRCTC eCatering Food Order Online: -

  1. Enter PNR or Train Name or Number in the search box,
  2. Pick restaurants from the list displayed,
  3. Create your order from the online eCatering menu card,
  4. You can pay cash on delivery or online in advance,
  5. Get delivery on your train berth.

Q5. How to order food in Shatabdi / Rajdhani trains via eCatering?

At the time of booking your train ticket if travelling by Rajdhani or Shatabdi you will see a checkbox to select your choice of food between Veg or Non-Veg. Here, you can choose to opt out without selecting any of the food types. This will reduce the cost of your ticket and you can then decide to order food online for your train travel as per your choice of mediums.

Q6. What is Food on Track?

Food on Track is an e-catering service offered by IRCTC. The service enables passengers to order meals from a variety of restaurants and other outlets in India. Passenger will have the option to choose their meal before they board the train or while they are on their way. This service is available for all trains and stations.