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How food delivery in train works

Choose your delivery station

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Pay online or, by cash

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Order Pure Jain Food in Train Online

Zoop has brought a perfect solution to order pure & tasty Jain food delivery in trains online. With a curated list of trusted restaurants and ever-expanding network in the skilled Jain food sector, users can have peace of mind knowing they will be served the tastiest vegetarian cuisine with just one touch in each direction. Zoop ensures that you get authentic Jain food on trains. From choosing the right ingredients, to preparing them under the right conditions, restaurants maintain quality at all levels.

Jain Thali in Trains

You can easily order Jain Thali in trains online through Zoop-website or mobile application and get it delivered at your seat. Book pure meals online through Zoop and get freedom from preparing and carrying food for your journey.

What Makes Jain Food Different?

The Jain cuisine is completely vegan and excludes the consumption of food items which are produced under the earth, such as brinjal, onion, garlic, etc. to prevent injuries to microorganisms. Jain food is very much Satwik. It is not just about No Onion and No Garlic preparations. According to Jain texts, a sravaka (householder) doesn’t consume meat, wine, honey and five udumbara fruits: Gular, Peepal, Anjeera, Banyan, and Pakar. Steamed root vegetables enhance the storage of energy or water in underground areas. Such storage organs allow living organisms to survive nearby.

Jainism & Food

Jain food style was adopted by Brahmins too in the eighth century to maintain their austerities. Driven by personal spiritual motivation, Jainism has created some extremely flexible dietary restrictions that can surprise even most Indian natives. The Jain sect is a movement that revolves around vegetarianism, placing the weight of their dietary restrictions on abstaining from specific groups of food. It is common that they avoid some very common food items which can be seen as difficult during a journey. Zoop mobile app is a one-stop solution for all your train travel related queries. Download the Zoop Mobile App from Google Play Store or Apple store.

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Order Jain Food in Train

Vegetarianism is a highly debated topic and therefore, there are many people that have different ideas of what it means to be vegan. The Jain community has very strict ideas in regard to their diet of complete vegetarianism. Whereas most cultures do not avoid all fruits such as apples and bananas, Jainism has spiritual as well as health-related obligations that usually restrict its followers from eating any of these foods.

Avoid the risk of traveling without eating Jain food. Zoop Food Delivery app provides an easy way to connect with restaurants who prepare hygienic, healthy, and sumptuous Jain meals. Zoop has a few of the best outlets in its network which travelers can choose to order while making the travel plans in advance.

You can order special Jain food in trains at all major railway stations across India with Zoop. Just follow these simple steps to order Jain food in trains:

  • Download Zoop mobile app from Google Play Store or visit Zoop Web,

  • Enter your 10-digit PNR number on the search box displayed,

  • Select the station and restaurant from where you want Jain food delivery in the train,

  • Find ‘Jain Food’ menu items on the menu page of restaurant,

  • Click on Jain thali or any other Jain Food item from the menu,

  • Pay using cash on delivery or choose from any of the online payment methods including net banking, UPI, wallets, credit card, or debit card,

  • A confirmation message will be sent to you, and the delivery person will contact you for the confirmation,

  • Your food will be delivered at your train seat on your chosen station.

You can also order special Jain food in trains by calling Zoop at +918010802222 to place your booking.

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Sumptuous Jain Food in Train

Since food options available in Indian trains is restricted and not so fulfilling, a change in the format of the menu, to start working with travelers like you, has been introduced. You can search scores of dishes and restaurants, to find uniquely genuine, authentic Jain food here. Zoop offers fresh and healthy Jain meals that are delicious and can be conveniently ordered during your travel.

With minimal steps, Jain food for Train can be ordered for delivery right at your seat / berth. Best chefs from our vast vendor network ensure that all food preparations go through strict quality control measures without compromising on hygiene and taste.

How to place Jain food order in train

  • Visit Zoop app or website,

  • Share train details or train ticket PNR Number,

  • Pick a restaurant from the list with Jain Menu availability,

  • Create your Jain meal order from the menu,

  • Pay online or at delivery time by cash,

  • Get delivery right inside your train coach at your berth.

Opting for pre-ordering is a good idea because it will be easier for you to enjoy the trip and spend more quality time with the group.


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Why Choose Zoop to Order Jain Food on Train

Our Specialized Expertise in Managing Jain Food

Whether traveling solo or in a large group, Zoop makes the daunting task of arranging food for the trip a smooth and simple process. The company's online platform enables trips to be planned in minutes, catering to a range of dietary and even cultural restrictions with specialized partners around the world.

Online Jain Food Order in Train is now easy

  • Get a vegetarian range of delicious Jain Indian dishes in Train

  • Have a passionate food experience with quality on your train journey across India

  • On-time e-catering food service from Zoop

Why Choose Zoop?

Quality assurance

All restaurants are FSSAI certified. We make sure to serve the ordered meal with the best quality standard and utmost customer experience.

On-time delivery

Zoop follow a stringent system to serve the scrumptious and relishing food requirements on-time food with optimum accuracy.

Hygienically Packed Fresh Food

Our vendors give utmost emphasis on the hygiene and packing of the food parcels. All our orders are precisely packed using cutting-edge packaging products.

Real-time tracking

We use fully secure computerized and optimized API integrated systems to meticulously track your train position and ensure timely delivery of the orders.

Delivery in all Trains & Stations

Jain food service is available for all trains and at all major railway stations. So even if you are traveling in Rajdhani or Shatabdi Trains, you can order Jain food in trains with Zoop.

Authorized Service

Zoop is an authorized national aggregator appointed by Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation to provide online pre-ordering system for passengers to order train food.

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FAQs on Jain Train Food Orders

Book pure, fresh, and tasty Jain food delivery in train online by following these simple steps on Zoop Website or Android Mobile App: -
  1. Type your Train Name or number or your ticket PNR number in the search box displayed,
  2. Select your favorite restaurant from the list of stations on your route,
  3. Pick Jain food items from restaurant’s menu,
  4. Pay online in advance or cash on delivery,
  5. Get delivery at your seat/berth on the chosen railway station.
This is an all-in-one railway app with useful railway enquiry features along with food ordering for every passenger.

You can order Jain thali in trains by making a call to Zoop at 80 10 80 2222 between 8am to 9pm on all days of the week.
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