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FAQs on Online Food Orders in Trains

Know answers to all frequently asked questions on online food ordering in trains here. We have tried to cover questions right from order booking to deliveries at Railway Stations. If you still have any other query, then please write to us at care@zoopindia.com.

Customers can log on to Zoop Website for Railway food booking or download our mobile app from Google playstore at Google Play Store, enter your journey details, and our automated systems will list all the options for you. You may also call us at 8010802222 or IRCTC call center number 1323, where our team members will be happy to assist you. The same process is also followed in booking group or bulk orders in trains or food orders in non-pantry car trains.

The steps involved in online food booking are as follows: -

1. Enter your 10-digit PNR number or Train Name or number or desired station,

2. Pick restaurant from the list displayed for each station available,

3. Create your order from the chosen restaurant’s menu displayed,

4. You can pay upfront online or cash on delivery in train,

5. Order would be delivered at your berth / seat when train reaches at selected station of your journey.

At the successful booking of every order, an order ID is generated which is sent to your registered mobile number through an SMS. All registered customers are also sent an email for the same.

Food is delivered by the quality restaurants ZOOP has tied up with across India. For example – If your food is booked to be delivered at Bhopal, then the restaurant at Bhopal in our network will deliver that order to you, right at your seat. However, at some stations delivery boys appointed by IRCTC and Zoop deliver the order. All the delivery boys carry a valid ID card issued by IRCTC post background checks of the delivery boys.

Just in case you are too excited to get your food, we advise all our customers to be still seated at their seat / berth only and not move out anywhere. Moreover, we feel it’s convenient too.

Indian Railways have improved a lot, and are normally running on time, but in case of an unfortunate situation of a delay, we would pre-pone your order to a station before (post your approval). This will try and ensure that even if the train is running late, your order is delivered to you around the expected delivery time only.

Nothings permanent in this world, and we completely understand that our customers can also feel like changing their journey plans or may get tempted to order something different. We allow our customers to cancel or change their 2 hours before the previously decided delivery time or 8pm on any working day, whichever is earlier. We advise you to please refer to our cancellation policy for details.

Users can pay conveniently through payment gateways integrated online.

We hope not coming across such situations given the commitment towards our job shown by our team and vendors, but still if such unfortunate situation occurs, then we would try and deliver the same at the next available station.

In such a scenario we would refund the money taken from the customer and promise to deliver a free order of the equivalent amount when the next time you allow us to help you serve. We advise you to please read the all the points of our ‘terms and conditions’ of our website for more details and better understanding.

E-Catering is an IRCTC facility that allows passengers to order and deliver their favorite meals to their seats while traveling. Zoop is an authorized IRCTC e-catering partner that delivers safe, hygienic, and fresh food to passengers during the journey.

E-Catering is a service initiated by IRCTC, especially for passengers to order their favorite meals while traveling. Food can be ordered via the app, website or phone. Zoop is also an e-catering service provider, taking order via app, website, phone or WhatsApp.

Booking food is much easier with Zoop a Trusted and Reliable name, delivering food to the passengers on the train. Just enter PNR or Train no or Station name and you are good to go. Payment can be made online or by COD.  Order can be done through an app, website, phone, and WhatsApp.

Zoop app is renowned for food on the train delivery. It offers wide range of cuisines and offers discounts, coupons especially ordering on app. Listed as the top food on the train delivery apps.

Zoop among other companies is delivering food to passengers on all the major routes. Zoop is the first company that comes up with the facility of Ordering food on the train on Whatsapp.

With Zoop food ordering is quick and much easier. Choose delivery station, select restaurant, pay online or select COD and food is delivered to your seat.

Yes, you can order meals on the train. IRCTC's electronic catering service is intended solely for ordering food while traveling. Zoop, an established brand and a leading IRCTC partner delivering food to the passengers while travelling.

Ordering the food while travelling is made so simple and easier by Zoop, just enter PNR no or Train no or, station name and you are done.

There is no such dependency when it comes to ordering food online on the train. With Zoop, there is no need to carry food on train. Just order and get the food of your choice.

There is a website https://zoopindia.com where you can order food on the train.

Yes, placing order online is the best choice of meals on the train. Zoop is delivering meals to passengers on the train and right to the seat.

There are foods that are preferred on train trips. The dry one is the best. Biryani, tikka, snacks, etc. Zoop delivers them all.

Options are available to get food during the journey but the best one is to order food online on the train as it is safe and hygienic. Zoop is delivering safe and hygienic food to your train seat.

Once your ticket is confirmed, you can pre-order food. Zoop is giving you the option to add the food to your ticket.