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The food is the important thing that everyone thinks about when they are going to travel. Especially on the long journey. But the railway has introduced online food delivery on the train. The first app that has a partnership with IRCTC is zoop which is the Best App To Order Food In Train during your journey.

The zoop app has provided food to more than 10 lakh people and is now planning to cover the 250-plus station.

This app has automated order processing technology that enables the perfect and on-time delivery of food by restaurants and also maintains the link between the passenger, restaurants, and railways. This app has top-rated restaurants under it. The restaurant is FSSAI approved and also follows the proper guideline. The passengers can also order food by calling on their number 8010802222. The technology they use helps them to track the train through which they have received

How To Order Food With The Zoop App On The Train :

You can easily fetch the online food in train with the zoop app. With this app, you can book the food very fast. The steps to order food are here:

  • The passenger has to download the zoop app from the Play Store.
  • Then enter the PNR number or train number. Then you will see the list of various stations and restaurants.
  • From there select the delivery station where you want your food to be delivered and then the restaurant.
  • After this, you have to select the food item that you want to eat.
  • Then the payment page will open up from where you can pay online or also do Cash on delivery. That is up to you.
  • After that, you will receive a confirmation message for your food.
  • Then just sit and wait for your food.
  • This is how you can enjoy tasty and healthy food on your seat with the zoop app.

Can You Order Food Online With Zoop From Anywhere?

Yes, you can order food online on train from anywhere. The passenger prefers long journeys by train because they love comfort and safety while traveling. Regarding food, the passengers are more concerned about food too. Earlier they use to carry their food with them because the food available in the pantry cars had limited options. But the food they carry will also get spoiled after some time, especially on a long journey

But with the introduction of the zoop app now the passengers can enjoy food with comfort and safety. The partner that caters to the food service with the zoop app is FSSAI approved and this app is also connected with 200 plus stations which means you can order food with this app from anywhere and on any train. You have to just fill up the correct PNR no. You can use the zoop website also to make an order.

Food Items That You Can Order With The Zoop App:

Before the introduction of the zoop app on Indian railways, the passenger can get the food items from pantry cars or from local vendors. But that food has limited options and is also unsafe and unhygienic to eat. Moreover, you have to eat the items made by the railway or look at vendors there is no option for you.

But the zoop app has made the online food on train an easy task. With its technology passenger can directly connect to the top restaurants which cook food cleanliness. Form these Restaurants you can order a variety of food items like Chines food ( noodles, burgers, dumplings, etc.,) Italian food (pizza, pasta, lasagna, etc.,), Punjabi food( chole bhature, dal makhani, curry rice, etc.,), South Indian food ( dosa, vada, idli, etc.,) Jain people can also order Jain food like Jain khichdi, paneer, Jain pav bhaji, etc If you are traveling in a group you can also order group food.

 Benefits Of Ordering Food From The Zoop App:

Food is an important part of the journey. The railway keeps this thing in mind that’s why they have Best App To Order Food In Train for their passengers. One of the best apps that provide food service in Train is zoop. You can have the following benefits with this app:

  • You will get served fresh and hot food on your seat.
  • With this app, you have 100% surety of safe and hygienic food.
  • This app is a national food aggregator under e catering so you can order delicious food items from it.

This can also provide you lot of options with discounts on group food. It also has Jain food for Jain people and healthy food for old and health-conscious people.

  • You can order food with just a few steps and with your PNR number.
  • The delivery boy also follows the proper guideline.
  • The packaging is also double-checked.
  • You will get served hot and delicious food on your seat.

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