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While Madhya Pradesh’s administrative capital is Bhopal, Indore is the state’s cultural center. Food is one of the major attractions of Indore, along with other specialties. No matter what you eat, whether it’s breakfast, a snack, a main course, or dessert, you are sure to enjoy it.

One of the most well-known breakfasts in the city is Indori Poha, a steamed poha often served with Jalebi. Every household serves poha for breakfast, but the Indori Poha has something special about it.

A difference between Indori Poha and other Poha recipes is that it is cooked before tempering is applied. You can add a unique twist to your regular poha with this method. This Poha is even more delicious when fennel seeds are added! Poha is made fresh and nutritious by adding pomegranate kernels.

Besides spicy Indori Sev and Ratlami Sev, the Indore Steamed Poha is also served with Jeeravan masala.

The final product is a tasty, tangy, and sour brunch with a facet of Jalebi.

How Does Indori Poha Differentiate Itself?

As a first step, prepare Indori Poha. Once the poha has been rinsed in water, it is steamed. When the Poha is steamed, it becomes very soft and fluffy, and the texture stays that way for a long time.

Adding the garnishes elevates this Indore-style steamed poha to another level.

  1. It can be called Ratlami Sev (Spiced Indori Sev) or a mixture of indori sev with cloves and pepper.
  2. Known for its tangy and spicy Jeeravan masala, this dish is the city’s signature dish.

One can find jeeravan masala online or at Indian grocery stores, and additionally, it is able to be made at domestic with four fundamental spice powders – chaat masala, black salt, Kashmiri red chili powder, and roasted cumin powder. This precise masala blend makes this Indori Poha even extra delicious.)

  1. Fried peanuts & Pomegranate kernels

The Indori Poha is savory and delectable spiced because of all of this. It makes for an extraordinary breakfast due to the fact it is served with sweet Jalebi at the side. As a result, it is an awesome manner to start the day. The nicest issue is that it is not too heavy on the stomach. What else ought someone want?

We hope you want this Indore-fashion vegan steamed poha. You will in no way have a take a observe poha the identical manner again, we assure it.

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