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Do you know that you can order food from outside in the train? You can know Order Food In Train from top-rated restaurants. The restaurants have approval from the food safety department. You can now also order a different variety of food items like Noodles, samosa, cake, junk food, rajma chawal, chane bhature, pizza, burger, dal makhani, alu puri, chicken tandoori, chicken gravy, baryani, and many more.

The railway is now serving online food on more than 500 stations and more than 7050 trains. All this is possible due to different partners that have partnerships with the railway for online food service. More than 600 plus restaurants are providing food to the passengers on the train. You can now quickly order your food on a train with various websites and apps or from the official Website of IRCTC  also you can order food. Now in this article, I will tell you how you can order your food quickly.

Order Online Food Fast From Websites:

As we know there are many apps and websites that deliver online food in train on your seat. You can order food from websites like Zoopindia.com, IRCTC official site, rail yatri, railmestro, TravelKhana, and gofoodiconline. All these are the best app that delivers you food quickly.

Let’s see how to order from the website

Visit the website on the internet.

The page will appear where you have to fill in your PNR number and Train number.

Then you will see many stations. These are those stations where you can receive your food. Select anyone.

You have to select the restaurant then and from restaurant food options select your favorite food item.

After that payment page will appear. Pay the restaurant by online mode or by cash on delivery.

Then wait for your food on your seat.

This is how you can quickly order your favorite food item from a website on the train.

Quick Delivery In Train With App:

If you don’t want to order food in train from the website then you can order it from the app also. This is also a very easy and fast way to order food.

First, download Any app through which you want to order your food from the playstore.

Then open the app and fill in some of your basic details like name and phone number.

Now you will see the option of PNR number and Train number. Fill these two options as they are mandatory.

After that, select the boarding station and restaurant. From the given list that you will see on your screen.

Now select the food item. After that payment options will display.

You can select cash on delivery or online payment is also there.

Then wait for a confirmation message of your order.

That’s it your order is placed with the app. Now enjoy your hot and delicious food.

You Can Also Quickly Order Your Food With Phone Calls And SMS:

While traveling it is possible that you may not have proper internet. Due to this, you are not able to place an order from the website or bu app. You have alternative options. You can order  food online with phone calls and SMS also.

Order your food quickly by phone call. You just need to make a call on the number from where you want to order your food. Then one person from the opposite side will assist you. Tell him your PNR number and boarding station. After that tell your food item. That’s it your order is now undergoing the preparation process.

From SMS this is another quick way to order food online. you have to text the number provided on the website. In the SMS you have to write your PNR number and Train number. Then you will receive a confirmation message from the opposite side. Now sir and wait for your order.

How PNR number and Train number Help In Online Food Delivery In Train:

In all the mentioned processes you have seen that you have to fill in your PNR number and Train number. Now many of you want to know why? As it is mandatory to fill this. The role of the PNR number and Train number is very important. To order food on the train you need to fill them up.

The 10-digit PNR number will help the restaurant to fetch your details like your seat number, couch, name, and phone number. It will also help them to track your train live status so that they can come to know how much time is required to prepare your food so that you will receive your food on time they will also come to know if your train is late.

The train number as we know there the many trains with the same name. The restaurant doesn’t get confused between similar names so it is important to mention the train number as well so that restaurants will deliver your order on the right train.

Thus both of these play a very important role. So you need to be always careful when you fill PNR number and Train number. Because wrong detail will lead to the wrong delivery of your food item.

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