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Best Strategies to Book Tatkal Train Tickets

Securing the Tatkal tickets is essential when it comes to planning a last-minute train journey. Tatkal tickets are usually available for only a very few minutes and run out of stock immediately as people from all over the country try to book tickets on their choice of train. It is considered by many to be a nightmare to be able to successfully book Tatkal tickets for their journey. Thus, it is necessary to know the best ways of booking train tickets to successfully purchase Tatkal tickets within the given time frame and limited seats. 

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Understanding Tatkal Train Booking

Travelers need to understand the process of booking to reserve Tatkal train booking.  Tatkal is a special booking window offered by Indian Railways for last-minute travel needs. Tickets open up just one day in advance (excluding the travel date) for most trains and classes (except First AC and Executive).  It comes at a premium though, with a fixed surcharge added to the base fare. While confirmation isn’t guaranteed, Tatkal is a lifesaver for urgent travel plans. 

Pre-Booking Preparations

There are multiple things to consider before booking Tatkal tickets that save time and effort and increase the possibility of getting a Tatkal ticket. The best way to book Tatkal tickets is through the IRCTC app or the Zoop website which allows you to prepare your booking. 

IRCTC Account Creations

Travellers must ensure to create their account or log in on the IRCTC website or app with their credentials. Go to Create a profile and ensure to fill in the right information like name, phone number, and details. This will help you to get the fastest updates on your registered number and email. 

Passenger Details

To save some time during your ticket booking and to ensure that you stay ahead in a rush, it is wise to enter the passenger details and other necessary information required for the train ticket booking beforehand. As soon as the Tatkal bookings open, you can secure the booking and thus save a lot of time and increase your chance of getting a confirmed booking in Tatkal. 

Payment Methods

Another essential factor that should be kept in mind while booking your Tatkal tickets is that the person who pays first gets the ticket first. To ensure that you can get the ticket before others, it is always wise to make payments using net banking as it is the fastest payment mode and instantly transfer the money to the merchant website. Other payments like cards usually require entering card numbers etc., which takes a lot of time. 

Internet Speed

Booking a Tatkal seat requires fast fast-speed internet connection, otherwise, the Tatkal tickets will run out. If your internet connection is not fast enough, you might not be able to log in in the first place during these high-rush times. Even when you have logged in, you need a stable and fast internet connection every step of the way. From choosing your departure and destination station and the date of journey to selecting your train and entering personal details and booking conditions, you will not be able to move forward on each page if your internet connection is not fast. Internet connection also plays an essential role in ensuring you can complete your payment and receive the ticket successfully before others.

Booking Strategies

There are certain tricks on how to book Tatkal ticket through the IRCTC website. 

Devices – The most convenient way to book a Tatkal ticket is to book it via a laptop or a desktop. It not only offers feasibility but it allows you to navigate through the website. 

Autofill Options- For more convenience, you can also turn on the Autofill options which directly fills your details including name, phone number, and email address. This will allow you to quickly proceed with the booking process.

Use IRCTC Tatkal Automation Tool for Autofill Details

Alternate Options – You can utilize the IRCTC app, which often has a more streamlined interface. Another way of getting Tatkal tickets is via authorized travel agents who can book tickets on your behalf. Visiting railway reservation counters early in the morning can also be a viable option, especially in smaller towns where online demand is lower. 

Additional Tips

Tatkal Charts – Travellers can refer to Tatkal charts to keep track of the seats and fares. Tatkal seats are usually more expensive than the general booking timing. One of the tatkal booking tips includes if you are looking for non-AC Tatkal booking time, then try between 10 Am and 11 am. You can check the trends to know whether the 

Avoid Peak Seasons- The ticket fares are usually high during the peak season. One of the tatkal booking tricks, these periods include major festivals, holidays, and summer vacations. During these times, trains are often fully booked within minutes of the Tatkal window opening. If possible, plan your travel during off-peak times when fewer people are traveling. As for AC ticket booking time, the booking starts around 11:00 Am to 12:00 Am, you must create your login account and insert your credentials before the booking time starts to secure tickets promptly.

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