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Cooking is not just an interesting and good hobby; it could also be your favorite field. We are out boxing food online and offline every day, so there’s a good opportunity of earning money. Moreover, we can show our passion for cooking quickly and start a business through E-catering on IRCTC.
Even a passion is not enough alone to make your profession fruitful. Explore different ways for you to indulge in and promote yourself. Passion won’t seem exciting if it does not bring with it at least two things: enrichment and money. There are many healthy food items that can you make a pretty version of this dish or meal that may be full of vitamins and minerals required for a healthy diet. With thousands of people who love to cook globally, there is huge potential for entrepreneurs to invent new ways to make money through cooking. The IRCTC E-Catering feature, which has been in development for almost three years, could be a boon for food service providers and moreover Indian Railways (IR) food franchises. E-Catering would help restaurants promote their best-sellers, and provide customer requests from over 150 railway stations. The majorly untapped market of rail travelers remains a potential buyer of the foods from restaurants. You might have come across a new scheme introduced by IRCTC which allows you to order food from the restaurant and get it delivered on your train. With this service, people not just travel comfortably but also get to enjoy their favorite meal while sitting on the train. This food e-ordering platform Zoop is all about the convenience of tracking orders on the mobile, easy payment process, etc. Now grow your restaurant with the Zoop IRCTC E-Catering system that allows ordering food for train passengers through a website or Zoop app. This enables the availability of services of a wider variety and large reach. All successful restaurants have a well-known and curated menu. So this time have a great opportunity to grow their business online and serve the travelers and talk about a happy customer base! This best Platform – is a promotional solution known for the quality of its content. Zoop encompasses its potential stakeholders by letting them explore their Zaika (taste) and gain valuable insights into the people/consumer side of every small detail to deliver a better experience to every customer who reaches out on a different level through unprecedented creativity in service design infused with imagination combined with innovation in experience-making & ideation. So a great opportunity is waiting for all the restaurant owners that are present in the market and ready to grow their business online with Zoop E-catering service with Indian Railway.

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