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Searching for your train coach position on the platform while traveling is itself a headache and going after to coolie for asking for it is also another level of difficulty nowadays. As coolies are already busy in their work only and thereafter stopping for you can disturb them. But as technology updates fast. Zoop can be your new coach locator!
Make your traveling experience from annoying to effortless. Allow Zoop to find your train coach with new experience without having any hassle. Asking someone for a favor can be intimidating and difficult, but it need not be anymore. Zoop is the easiest way to track down train coach positions on the platform. There are a number of ways to find your coach, including finding them by station, but they are all not accurate with Zoop you can locate the real-time position of your train coach without any hassle.

How can passengers use the Zoop app to know the coach’s position in advance?

As the train leaves its starting station, a few hours before Indian Railway makes the reservation chart. Then the passengers check the coach’s position from the respective websites or from the railway counter. Now, Zoop is an online app and a website that can provide passengers with accurate train coach status in just a few clicks. Passengers will be needing their PNR and train number to collect all the information like the coach number, Train seat location, departure time at the boarding station, and much other Information.

To know the correct coach position of your train according to the Indian Railways reservation, you can follow some of the Instructions below.

  1. Go to the Zoop website, and click the ‘Coach Position’ button.
  2. Now enter the number of your train in the search box which is present on your screen.
  3. You will be redirected to a new page with the requested train coach position will load.
  4. Then do take note of the IRCTC SMS you have received with your ticket details frequently mentioning the coach position. Your coach position can suddenly change without any warning or alert.

Zoop is just like your digital traveling friend that can help you in everything from providing food on the train while enjoying your trip or being a train platform guide.

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