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Drink This Cool Shikanji To Hydrate In Summers – Everything has love & hate factors. If you like summers then additionally one thing you by no means like this summertime season and that’s the sweltering heat. The season of summertime remains for too long a time period. The warm months of the summertime season make our bodies tired & sweaty. During the summertime season, whilst we live below the solar then we experience so warmly & dehydration.  The solar simply takes all of the water out and makes us dehydrated. Doctors usually say to preserve your frame well-hydrated in the course of summertime season days. Drink plenty of water, however, ingesting water isn’t boring. All day, all of the time, if we drink water then we get bored. So, there may be one of your favorite Indian  COOL beverages for you which of them ones is a type of childhood memory. This drink will come up with a cooling impact towards the brutal and excessive heat of the Sun.

Shikanji beverages are now no longer the most effective drinks that keep you hydrated but will refresh your temper too. The cool drink calls for a few substances and only some minutes for making. If you’ve got lemons at your home then make refreshing & cool shikanji for you & your family! You will want the most effective lemons, salt, sugar, and ice water. For boosing  the flavor of your shikanji you may upload cumin seeds, black pepper, or mint leaves.

In North India, shikanji is a famous summertime season drink. People know it as Indian lemonade. Shikanji is a flavourful summertime season cooler and it’s far wealthy in nutrition. This Indian lemonade is a combination this is made with normal/cold water with one or more lemon juices. You ought to upload some tasty Indian spices like black pepper powder, roasted cumin seeds powder, ginger & black salt. All the Indian spices in Shikanji will enhance the flavor. All spices can enhance the absorption of Vitamin C.

Health blessings of shikanji:-

  • Best for the digestive system. It will enhance your digestion.
  • Shikanji is like an antioxidant to your frame. Lemon is wealthy in Vitamin C.
  • Lemon is a component of your drink so, the alkaline nature of lemon will shield the cells of the frame from oxidation.
  • It’s a natural coolant in the summertime season.
  • Your frame will be cool from the inside.
  • It will usually make your frame hydrated.
  • You will now no longer face sweating troubles too much.

Fun Fact: In Punjab, Shikanji is referred to as SHIKANJVI. People were making and ingesting this brilliant drink for the reason since the time of MAHABHARAT.

Word Shikanji comes from the Shikanja, a small wooden contraption being used to squeeze lemons.

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