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Delhi is certainly nation’s culinary capital too. Isn’t it? And nobody can deny this fact. It not only satiates the taste buds of our citizens but also foodies from across the world can also explore both national and international food.

Started in 1998, by Lt. Badruddin Qureshi in Gol market, Connaught Place, New Delhi with a sole motive of serving best quality food to its customers, Sagar Barbeque later moved to Pahar Ganj for the betterment of facilities. Now his son, Mr. Faiz Qureshi is taking the legacy forward with dream of expanding it further. Keeping quality food and service in mind, this signature restaurant with a delectable menu brings you the authentic vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

Every journey doesn’t have an easy path and it resonates with the challenges that Mr. Qureshi had to face in beginning this outlet.

“Most of the challenges were faced by us when we started delivering food to the passengers in Indian Railways. Our Delivery boys were initially stopped by the RPF guys and were taken for the interrogation. But as soon as our popularity expanded, the obstacles reduced gradually” says Mr. Qureshi.

This is his family business and he makes sure that his father’s endowment collects no stain. He keeps certain the delivery timing and food quality must be up to the mark. E- catering services has added feather in the cap and the best part is that Sagar Barbeque is hardly 5 to 7 minutes from the station, and this makes the delivery of amazing food less time taking. Customers enjoy hot and flavourful food in no delay. They are providing the tempting food to the passengers from last 5 years.

You can order the food in trains from this restaurant through Zoop mobile or zoopindia.com

Mr. Qureshi shares the credit with his staff and appreciates the delivery boys who make sure to hand over the food in time to the customers. He is grateful to Arif who manages the restaurant exceptionally. The chefs in the restaurant keep in mind to segregate the preparation of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and the cleanliness of the food is kept in mind. They follow all the protocols related to the delivery of the food too.

The highly suggested cuisines are Maharaja Thali and Kadhahi Paneer along with Chicken Biryani and Butter Chicken The quick service and hygienic food of this restaurant is appreciable.

Mr. Qureshi takes interest in monitoring the preparation of food and makes sure that customers receive the delicious savouries on time. He advices the budding entrepreneurs not to depend on the staff completely and invigilate the minute things on personal level. He follows this rule too. The satisfaction of the customer is given top priority and he leaves no stone unturned to take feedbacks and imply the improvements if required. He keeps customers’ requirement as his utmost preference and this is the reason behind the success of this restaurant we believe.

“We are receiving good response from our customers and we want to serve them more” adds Mr. Qureshi enthusiastically. He is looking forward to take this legacy nationwide and we wish him all the best.

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