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The State of Punjab is revered as a wonderful place.

Punjab has all you need to live life to the fullest, whether you want to meet any Punjabi chefs and friendly locals, learn about their fascinating culture, dance to Bhangra and balle tunes, or eat a range of their traditional foods and cuisines.

Punjabi food is also regularly prepared in all north Indian kitchens since it has a powerful, regal influence on people’s brains and is very digestible for energetically carrying out daily tasks.

It wouldn’t be inaccurate to claim that Punjabi cuisine has given India a distinctive identity outside of its borders, and people worldwide want to include it in their food menus to impress guests and give their weddings a royal appearance.

In essence, Punjab has taught the entire globe how to cook in order to stay young, healthy, and fit.

Here are some must-try, scrumptious, and delectable Punjabi dishes that are well-known worldwide and can be enjoyed at any meal of the day:

  1. Masala Chana & Amritsari Kulcha: Everyone enjoys Chana Masala because it is flavorful, aromatic, and easy to prepare.

It is the most popular Indian street dish and a must-try for any traveler since it lacks hot spices and makes you feel satisfied for a longer period of time. It is made with nutritious chickpeas and light Indian spices.

The bread Kulcha, created by fermenting white flour with dry yeast, is the most common accompaniment.

With a generous amount of white butter on top, enticing Masala Chana tastes as delicious as Plain Kulcha as packed (potato, paneer/matar) Kulcha and looks appetizing.


  1. Sarso ka Saag & Makki ki Roti: This traditional and incredibly healthy dish is a specialty of Punjab, and it’s likely that all of your knowledge will remain lacking till you’ve experienced this incredibly nourishing dish rich in fiber, iron, potassium, minerals, & vitamins.

The most fibrous winter staple food, Sarso is made by heating mustard greens leaves (Sarso) with spinach (Palak) and pigweed (Bathua), and adding sauté of spices and mustard seeds. It is best enjoyed with freshly made Makki ki Roti (cornmeal bread baked on Tava with a decent amount of fresh white butter at the top).

  1. Punjabi Chole Bhature: Delicious Cholle is dark-colored chickpeas in a thick gravy cooked with aromatic and flavorful spices, enjoying its uniqueness in the special culinary category (not to be missed with hot chilies).

This delicious cuisine, which has a somewhat hotter flavor than Masala Kulcha, is served hot with enormous pieces of super-soft bread that has been entirely deep-fried (made with refined flour).

This well-known dish is simple to prepare and is best served hot with tart mixed pickles, a few slices of onion, and lemons.

  1. Dal Makhni: Textured to tempt you to melt in your mouth.

The well-balanced, smooth-textured mixed lentil dish known as dal makhani is a fantastic method to increase the protein in your diet.

Whole black lentils (whole black Urad dal) and Red kidney beans (Rajma) are cooked together, and the dish is then seasoned with nutritious spices, fresh herbs, butter, and cream to make each bite flavor-packed, protein-rich, and utterly delicious. Dal means lentils and Makhani means buttery.

  1. Punjabi Kadhi Pakodi: Just the thought of “Kadhi Chawal” leaves one’s mouth tasting exquisite.

This yogurt-based, tangy Kadhi (gravy) has become a crowd-pleasing food, especially eaten on special occasions. However, a unique spicy version of this recipe still gets prepared in Punjab with the proper balance of spices & herbs.

To feel full and keep in shape, try this tangy yogurt-based cuisine with plain steamed rice. It is gluten-free.


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