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Whenever you are traveling and during the journey want to eat satvik food, you are left with only option to cook the food and carry it along. This becomes more difficult when your travel time is long and you don’t know how long the packed food will last or stay fresh. So the question comes directly: how to manage the satvik food-related concerns during the train journey.

Online food ordering is becoming a popular trend. Now, satvik food can be ordered online on the train.

Satvik food is now available on the train thanks to a new service from an Indian startup called Zoop.

The company has partnered with the Railways Ministry-owned IRCTC to provide these meals online. The meal includes rice, vegetables, and a dal soup, and other options.

This is the first time that Satvik food is being served in trains in India.

Onion and garlic are essential parts of Indian cuisine. Onion is used in almost every dish and our taste buds are used to it. So, it is a hard task to find vegetarian food without onions. But now, vegetarians can order online satvik food on the train and the food will be delivered right to their seats!

The best part about this service is that it doesn’t have any delivery charges. The Satvik food that they deliver includes dal makhani, aloo Tikki chaat, pulao, malai kofta, and more

This service has been launched by Delhi-based startup – Zoop

The food industry is evolving with the advent of new technologies. Pure and satvik food without onions and garlic can now be ordered online on the train.

In today’s world, people are more conscious about their health and want to eat healthily. People are turning away from traditional meat-based dishes to pure and satvik dishes. With this trend, restaurants have started providing vegan and vegetarian options to cater to these increasing numbers of customers who want healthier food options.

Vegetarianism has been on a rise in India over the past few years, with many people opting for a diet free of meat and eggs. In order to cater to these vegetarians, restaurants have started providing vegan options which are free from animal-derived ingredients like milk or honey as well as onion and garlic.

Zoop has established itself as a leader in this domain and it is the right choice when it comes to ordering food on the train. It is needless to mention that the food delivered is safe, fresh, and hygienic to eat. All the restaurants from which the food is delivered are FSSAI approved and special attention is paid to cleanliness and hygiene.

Now you can order SATVIK food on the train hassle-free and enjoy the JOURNEY. Thank you to Zoop.

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