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If you’re considering traveling by train for more than a few hours, consider taking food with you. But what meals should you pack? Eating in the dining car will help give your mood a boost but other snacks such as sandwiches can be challenging to eat sitting down. In this post, we’re discussing how to order food while riding aboard when options are limited or if it’s been a while since your last meal.

How to order food in a train India

Train food: Okay so you’re sitting on the train, bored because it isn’t moving and you’re wishing the vendors could get faster. Well, they aren’t. I’m going to tell you how to order food in a train like a boss.  For a train in India, the person not carrying food has to stand outside in all weathers and track-side is ideal.  When traveling on any train in India, you can buy food from the best train food delivery app. This service provider offer a variety of items and will often sell both fresh food and pre-packaged items like sandwiches, fruits, juices, Delux thali, Dosa, etc. You can also order food to go through their website www.zoopindia.com.  

To order food on a train, first find the nearest option who will tell you what eateries are located within the train’s cars. So order food in train through mobile app, which also suggests which car or car number(s) provide this service. It is standard procedure for each professional entrant to be appointed with a specific commuter car for interaction with patrons

Train Food Options

There are a few simple steps to pre-select what food you want on your journey. The first and foremost step to ordering your travel food is contacting the zoop (which should be done in advance) and finding out which stations have a restaurant open late. Most also have an online advisory, which can help you decide where to go for dinner or just for snacks when you arrive at your destination.

Tips for purchasing online food delivery in train

Avoid buying food from the vending machines. This includes things like candy, chocolate, and snacks. These items are often out of stock and have a long line to wait in. Plan carefully for your dining adventure by packing a list of foods you’ll need in case plans fall through. Include food to avoid allergic reactions, to take the “regular” route, and the train’s food is more expensive than taking an extra suitcase with another meal. Ways to sneak food without raising suspicion include leaving sandwiches and snacks in the pockets of your day bag, eating during a time window when the train isn’t stopping or going into tunnels, waiting until everyone starts packing up their bags, and speaking to other passengers while they pack up.

Do’s and Don’ts of online food delivery in train

While travelling on a train, it’s easy to forget that you’re actually in public. While you may be carrying food with you, it’s often not enough to get through the entire trip. Fast-food restaurants often seem like discrete options since they’re available on multiple platforms and can even be made to order if needed. It is however important to remember the rules when ordering food on a train. For example, you’ll need to keep your seat free to allow somebody else access while the food is being serviced.


Many consider train rides to be a uniquely relaxing experience, but most of the time they’re not without their ups and downs. You’ll want to put your devices away so others can enjoy the moment too. If you live in an area where food isn’t readily available, there are plenty of places to buy snacks on a train. It’s best to purchase anything that you’d normally have at home before you hop aboard if possible. But best train food delivery app is usually cheaper too! So order the food and enjoy the journey.

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