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If you are a loyal vegetarian and are going to travel by train and want pure veg food or looking for Jain Food in Train, then you can easily order it from railway websites. Jain food is pure veg food that has vegetables in it excluding onion, garlic potatoes, or any underground vegetable. Jainism is the most difficult culture to maintain.

But Many restaurants and railways know that there are different cultures of people traveling by train every day therefore they have added various religious foods to their list and Jain food is one of them. These restaurants prepare Jain food by keeping in mind all the perimeter and also maintaining hygiene. Which you can order without any hesitation. Because before reaching you the top restaurant’s food has to go through many checkpoints.The food prepared by the best chef, who does not compromise the food’s quality.

Steps to order Jain food online:

You can easily order Jain food from online websites, or many food delivery partners associated with railways. Firstly, you have to visit the website and there you will see the search bar option where you have to fill in a 10-digit PNR number. After you enter no, you will be prompted to select a delivery station and restaurant. So, select options accordingly. After that, the restaurant menu option will display in front of you from where you can select pure Jain food in train for yourself and your family.

Then now the payment page will display that you can pay through Google pay, phone pay, BHIM, and some other online transaction method or you can also select the cash delivery option. The final step is to send a confirmation message. After all of this, a confirmation message should be sent to your registered mobile number to confirm your order, and you can then sit back and enjoy your Jain food.

Why is Jain food on the railway’s menu?

Jain food one of the pure vegetarian foods. Made by keeping many things in mind. The Jain group is a pure vegetarian group. They don’t tolerate any violence in their region as well as in their food. Furthermore, anything growing beneath the earth is considered unfit for human consumption. But no religion follows this except Jain the Jain people do not eat such vegetables that are cultivated below the earth.

So keeping this in mind the railway had Jain food in train services so that Jain people can also enjoy their journey with foodstuff and can make their journey more memorable. Jain food services by train are available at affordable prices and they are also of the best quality which is cooked by the best chef. So the Jain community can enjoy their journey without any worry about food anymore. Now you can enjoy your desired meal without any challenge on a train journey.

Is Jain food service on trains safe?

As we know that the Jain community has strict rules regarding food habits. Therefore, some of you may think that the food you are going to order is safe or not. Then you are on the right page. The Jain food delivery provided by the restaurants on the train has the approval of FSSAI. Therefore, you can place orders without any hesitation and worry. These restaurants maintain the quality of the food while taking into consideration the ingredients for Jain food. Earlier it was quite difficult for Jain to get Jain food while traveling but now they can easily order their food and can enjoy it.

The restaurant also focuses on maintaining hygiene and cleanliness inside the kitchen. The packing containers have been thoroughly sanitized. The delivery boy also maintains proper hygiene and also keeps in mind the factors regarding contactless delivery.

Apps to order Jain food online:

 Here I will tell you about some good apps through which you can order Jain food online easily and can enjoy your meal. Using these apps can provide you with your favorite food items in train coaches. So check out some best apps which serve you your favorite food.

Railyatri is the official partner of IRCTC which is currently available in 150 stations. They provide the best food service and some other facilities.

IRCTC E Catering is an official Indian railway app that allows you to order food of your choice online. In this, you can avail of the service by simply adding your PNR number, train name, and seat name on the app.

ZoopIndia.com is an honored train food app with affordable food for passengers. This app has 610 restaurants associated with it. That means this has a lot of food options for you.

Gofoodiconline, yatri bhojan, and TravelKhana app are some of the other best apps. Through which you can order a variety of food items while just sitting at your seat. With these apps, you can also get some offers and more information regarding your train. You can download these apps from Play Store.

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