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With an extensive rail network, Indian Railways has rules and regulations to ensure the smooth functioning and safety of the railway system. The Indian Railway has implemented rules and regulations, every traveler must ensure to follow these instructions to avoid any obstruction during the journey. The rules and regulations aim to ensure streamlined operations and avoid any accidents and misconduct during the journey. As per Indian Railway rules and regulations, those who are travelling without ticket are subjected to a train ticket fine under the rule of travelling without ticket fine in train. 

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Understanding the Basic of Indian Railways Fine & Penalty Rules

Train Chain Pulling Fine

Pulling the chain is permissible only under specific circumstances, such as when a companion, child, elderly person, or disabled individual misses the train, in case of accidents on the train, and during other emergency scenarios. That’s why, pulling a chain and causing the train to stop without a valid reason constitutes a legal offence. The alarm chain system within the train is designed for emergencies. It is crucial to have a legitimate and urgent reason for activating the chain while the train is in motion. 

Without a ticket fine on the train

Without a ticket fine on the train

travelling in train without ticket is a permissible offence under the IRCTC rule of travelling without a ticket fine in train. Every passenger on the train must possess a valid ticket issued by IRCTC. Along with the ticket, passengers must travel with a valid ID proof testifying the identity of the passenger. Passengers travelling without a ticket will be subjected to penalties. Unauthorized travellers will have to pay the full price of the journey. The minimum fine starts from ₹250 and the fare corresponds to the distance covered for travelling without ticket fine in express train. Failure to provide the payment or refusal will lead to severe punishment under the regulations of railway fine rules with general tickets. 

Penalty for Travelling in Ladies Compartment

The Indian Railways strictly applies penalties for travelling in ladies’ compartments or special coaches for passengers with disabilities. Any unauthorised boarding into the specifically prohibited coaches is regarded as a violation. Depending on the seriousness and frequency of the violation, penalties include railway fines, warnings, or even legal action.

Fine for Interfering IRCTC Staff on their Duty

Interfering with an Indian Railways employee while on duty is a punishable offence. Indian Railways considered this offence as a serious infraction since it jeopardizes the system’s efficiency and safety. An essential part of managing railway operations in India is the Railway Act 1989. The Railway Act’s Section 150 addresses precisely the obstacles that railroad workers face while carrying out their jobs. If proven responsible for this kind of obstruction, those involved may be subject to a railway fine or other legal consequences as prescribed by the law. 

Penalty Rule for Travelling with e-ticket without ID

Travellers without proper identification and an e-ticket will face penalties. Passengers are required to have a valid photo ID and their e-ticket for verification purposes. Train authorities can remove passengers who do not have a valid e-ticket. As for penalties and train fines, some railway operators may impose railway fines that may vary. 

Penalty for Travelling Drunk/Smoking on Train

The consequences of being intoxicated, drinking, or smoking on a train can differ based on the area and rules of the train company. It is essential to examine and follow the rules of the particular train service that you are using. Rules on the train forbid behaviours such as being intoxicated, drinking alcohol, or smoking, and breaking them can lead to consequences. The consequences may include fines, being kicked off the train, or facing legal repercussions. Railway authorities generally impose stringent regulations to guarantee the safety and comfort of passengers.

Penalties for Violating Rules

The penalties for breaking rules are in place to deter undesired actions and guarantee compliance with the established guidelines. For severe offences, the punishment is harsher which can lead to imprisonment and hefty fines.

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