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Any hotel would be proud to be recognized as an official IRCTC food provider, but achieving this goal is not simple. Let’s look at all the prerequisites for becoming an IRCTC-approved food vendor.

Criteria for Qualification as IRCTC Food Vendors

The restaurant partner must adhere to certain requirements in order to become an IRCTC food vendor. You can only deliver meals on trains when you have successfully completed all the requirements and testing set forth by IRCTC and have been approved as one of their authorized catering partners.

I’ll list the criteria that IRCTC demands here:

FSSAI Certified

If you don’t have an FSSSAI certificate of approval, you cannot join IRCTC as a business partner.

If you don’t have permission from the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India, your application will be denied.

FSSAI – It offers credentials for you to run your firm after carefully scrutinizing numerous factors.

A controlling entity under the Indian government’s Ministry of Health & Family Welfare is the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). A food service provider is given permission to operate after being thoroughly examined and having a number of parameters checked.

Cleanliness and hygiene

Any IRCTC food catering partner will put this at the top of their list.

Food delivered to customers must be filth and contamination free.

To determine whether the food is good or not, consider the following factors:

  • The merchant must pack the food in trash-worthy containers.
  • Food packaging must be of the highest caliber possible to prevent spills.
  • The packaging used to pack food must be hygienic.
  • The person in charge of the kitchen who serves the food is required to always wear a headcover and gloves.
  • The packaging must not be made of a material that stains the food that is supplied.

Using premium ingredients and cooking techniques

IRCTC verifies that restaurants are utilizing high-quality ingredients to create meals before granting a license. They examine every detail, including if the ingredients are fresh and the expiration dates of the spices and other ingredients used in food preparation.

Going Digital

A digitally created e-receipt that clearly displays the fare breakdown must be presented. It contains information like the number of items, the total cost, the GST data, and discounts (if available any).

Fresh Food Delivered Hot

IRCTC exclusively selects vendors who offer customers hot and delectable food on trains.

Every time a traveler orders meals through the website or app, it ensures that they will like it and have a wonderful experience.

Therefore, before approving you as an IRCTC food seller, we make sure that you aren’t selling subpar or expired food.

Now that you are aware of every IRCTC requirement, you can apply to become a food vendor for any restaurant.

These specifics can assist restaurant or hotel owners in finishing the procedure promptly.

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