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As the winter sets in, nothing beats a warm meal to chase away the cold. If you’re traveling by train, you can order hot and fresh food online with Zoop.

A warm meal on a cold day is one of the most comforting joys of life. It can help warm the body and make us feel more relaxed. While train journeys in winter can be a scenic experience with snowy landscapes and foggy window panes, they can also be challenging, as there is no seat-heating provided in trains. To help cope with times like these, Zoop allows us to order freshly prepared hot meals from restaurants along our route and have them delivered to our train seat. You can place your order online on Zoop before your trip or during your journey, and your food will be delivered straight to your train seat.

With Zoop, you can enjoy a hot and fresh meal on the train without having to worry about carrying your own food that may become cold and stale, or relying on the limited, often unhygienic options available at the train stations. Additionally, Zoop’s easy tracking system allows you to receive regular updates on the status of your order, so you know exactly when your food will be delivered to your seat.

Food Delivery in Train

Zoop allows you to choose from a wide variety of food choices as well as cuisines. Whether you’re craving a warm bowl of soup or a hearty plate of sabzi & roti, Zoop has you covered.

To help you save time, we have gathered a list of the top 5 comforting foods that you could order on the train during winter:

Sarson ka saag & Makki ki roti

This combination is the ultimate Punjabi response to the winter chill. The soft and fluffy roti with the spicy buttery saag creates the perfect blend of earthy and spicy flavors, and induces a warmth that first begins in the heart!

Gajar Ka Halwa 

This traditional Indian dessert is enjoyed by all people alike. This sweet treat is a winter staple made from carrots and cooked in milk, sugar, and ghee.

Kadhai Paneer

This classic dish is made with diced paneer in a spicy tomato-based sauce, with a mix of spices. It is rich and flavorful, and warm ingredients like ginger, cashews, and garlic make it perfect for a cold night on a train.


Made with rice, ghee, and a variety of vegetables, pulao is a delicious one-pot meal full of warm spices such as cumin, cloves, and cinnamon that would warm any heart on a cold winter day.


Gajak is an iconic winter delight for many Indians. Made from sesame seeds, jaggery, and peanuts, this sweet snack can be perfect for eating on the go on the train.

So, if you’re planning to travel this winter, be sure to check out Zoop and enjoy warm and satisfying food on the train without any hassle.

Finally, you can say goodbye to the mediocre cold, stale snacks and hello to warm, hearty meals with Zoop.

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