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While traveling through the vast beautiful landscapes of Incredible India on a train, one can experience a lot throughout; the train companions, the views, the quaint little stations, the hustling junctions, the vendors, the food, travel mates, sharing stories, the anticipation of reaching the destination while enjoying the journey and not wanting it to end! On long journeys, one of the most important aspects is the food as it not just satiates us but also allows us to pass time while indulging in meals and snacks.

One can order food online on the train while in transit and get it delivered to their train seat when the train stops at a designated station, yes you heard it right; with an app like Zoop is very much possible to order food online onto the train as you do at your home, the difference is that with home delivery, you would have to walk till your doorstep but with train delivery, you wouldn’t even need to get out of your train seat.

One of the major benefits of ordering train online food is that you can enjoy freshly prepared hot food from popular restaurants and indulge in your favorite dishes and cuisines. Sure, there is food available on the train and railway stations but they are pre-packaged and given to you so the meals aren’t exactly the freshest and might even get spoilt unknowingly in hot climate regions without proper storage.

With the Zoop app, the food is not just fresh but also hygienic and safe as the restaurants that the platform lists and delivers from are all FSSAI approved and follow safety protocols. Zoop itself is approved by the Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) as a national food aggregator under the e-catering project. This results in safe, fresh, and hygienic food train online delivery from authentic platforms and protocol following delivery personnel.

After you log onto the app, you can enter your train PNR number and you will be to see a list of railway station stops that Zoop will deliver at, then you can select the restaurant from which you would like to eat (you can choose a popular food chain or opt a famous local restaurant to try authentic dishes from the local cuisine of the region you are traveling through). The dishes you order on the train will be prepared at the restaurant fresh and by the time your train stops at the station, will be delivered hot to your seat.

After all Passenger health and convenience are the top priority of the Zoop!

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