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Rajdhani Express is an Indian Railways train service that connects major cities in India. Rajdhani Express trains are designed with luxury in mind and offer a superior travelling experience.

If you are travelling between two major cities, Rajdhani Express may be the best option for you. The trains offer comfortable seating, complimentary food and drink, and top-notch amenities. You can also enjoy views of the countryside while travelling on Rajdhani Express.

The journey on Rajdhani Express is a unique experience that you will never forget. So if you are looking for a luxury train travel experience, Rajdhani Express is the perfect option for you.

Nutrition and Food Requirement:

Ordering food in a Rajdhani Express train is not as daunting as it seems. In fact, the process is very simple and can be done with just a few simple steps. Here are a few tips to help you order your food in the Rajdhani Express:

  1. First, know what you want. When ordering food on a train, it’s important to know what sort of food you’re looking for. Are you looking for Indian cuisine? Chinese? Japanese? There are many options available, so make sure you specify this when ordering.
  2. Next, consider your dietary restrictions. If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, be sure to let the restaurant know before ordering. Many restaurants will be able to accommodate these needs without any issues.
  3. Finally, be prepared to pay attention to the price tags! The prices of food in trains can be quite high compared to other restaurants, so it’s important to be aware of this before ordering. Generally speaking, the more expensive the dish, the higher quality it will likely be.

With these tips in mind, ordering food on a Rajdhani Express train is easy and straightforward!

Types of Food In Rajdhani Train:

If you love travelling in trains, then you will definitely enjoy eating in a Rajdhani Express. Travelling in a train is such an immersive experience that you can forget all your troubles and just enjoy the journey. However, before travelling in a Rajdhani Express, it is important to know what kind of food is available through IRCTC eCatering Service Zoop Food Delivery App. Here are the different types of food that you can order while travelling in a Rajdhani Express train:

  1. Thalis – A thali is a typical Indian meal consisting of rice and lentils cooked in a variety of sauces and spices. You can order a thali as part of a buffet or as part of a la carte menu.
  2. Khichdi – Khichdi is a dish made from rice and lentils cooked in a mixture of water and ghee or oil. Khichdi is usually served with dal (a type of lentil soup) and various pickles and sauces.
  3. Puri – Puri is an Indian snack made from small balls of flour dough stuffed with flavored fillings like potato, chickpeas, or chilies. Puris are deep-fried until they are light and fluffy , then served with spicy chutneys and a variety of mint chutney.
  4. Omelette – An omelet is typically made with eggs, milk, butter, salt and pepper. In India they use different types of saffron to make the omelet yellow or orange in color.
  5. Paratha – A paratha is a flat bread that’s stuffed with meat curry, vegetables or other fillings baked on both sides until it’s golden brown.
  6. Tandoori Chicken – A tandoor is a furnace used for roasting meats and cooking breads, meats and curries. In India, a Tandoori Chicken is cooked inside of a clay oven that’s heated with fire. Over the open flame, the chicken cooks quickly over high heat. The hot air flowing through the oven melts the fat in the chicken skin and infuses it with flavors from whatever spices are being cooked inside.
  7. Vada – Vada is a popular street food that’s made from a mixture of potatoes, black gram (rajma), lentils, onions and spices. It’s usually stuffed inside of a spiced chickpea flour bread.8. Vadas – Vadas are deep-fried balls of spiced chickpea batter that’s stuffed with potatoes, black gram (rajma), lentils, onions and spices.
  8. Samosa – A samosa is a baked dish that consists of two or more small pockets of pastry dough that’s stuffed with spiced mince or vegetables
  9. Biriyani – This is a rice dish cooked in the Indian style and is called “biryani” in their language. The biriyani has all the wonderful flavors of India, like spicy curries, tamarind and masalas, coconut milk and ghee. A biryani is now considered one of the great flavors of all time with its variety of succulent spices and ingredients.
  10. Matar Pulao – Also called Matar pulao, this dish is made of raw rice and in their language means “moon rice”. This rice dish is cooked with lentils and spices with some turmeric added for a nice yellow color.
  11. Chana Masala – A spicy chickpea stew that includes tomatoes, onion, potatoes and green chilis that you can add in at any time to the cooking mix or serve it as a side dish.

How To Order Food In Rajdhani Express Train:

If you are travelling in an Indian Railways train, then you know that the swiggy food delivery in train can be a bit of a hit and miss. Here is a guide on how to order food in the Rajdhani Express train.

The ordering process is pretty simple. Just go to Zoop App and search for what you want. You will need to share your 10-digits PNR to order food.

In Zoop App you will see a menu list of items available, but you can also ask them for suggestions. They will be able to tell you what is popular among the passengers, and they may even be able to suggest.

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