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In India, ordering food on the train is a task at times. You have to be careful about what you order and how you order it. There are many things to consider when you order food on the train. Here are some tips:

  1. When you order food on the train, make sure you order from a reputable source. There are many vendors who sell food on trains, but not all of them are reputable.
  2. Make sure you know what you’re ordering. Don’t order something you’re not familiar with.
  3. Pay attention to the price. Don’t order something that’s too expensive or too cheap.
  4. Make sure the food is fresh. Don’t order food that’s been sitting out for a long time.
  5. Be careful about ordering food that’s spicy. Spicy food can sometimes be difficult to digest.

Following these tips will help you have a better experience when ordering food on the train.

How about considering ordering food on the train and too on Whatsapp, yes this is a REALITY now and this facility is available on all major routes. Zoop a leading IRCTC e-catering partner has developed and implemented this service for Railway passengers.

As WhatsApp is the most popular app being used by people, it is the most beneficial service for passengers to order food on WhatsApp on the train. Zoop is an authorized and trusted food delivery partner of IRCTC e-catering service.

Today as technology is essentially a part of everyone’s life so why not use it for ordering food online on the train, this is easier than food ordering from home or office as the food is delivered right to the seat of passengers.

Though it can be done by Zoop’s website/ app, ordering through WhatsApp no 7042062070 makes it even more simple and easy. You need to enter PNR no/ Train no or Station and you are good to go.

Next time during your train trip, order food on Whatsapp during the journey and enjoy.

Another important service for passengers started by Zoop is checking LIVE PNR status on WhatsApp. No more phone calls or visiting websites to check the PNR. Just WhatsApp at 7042062070 and get the LIVE details of the ticket on the phone screen.

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