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The wonderful news is here!

You can now ride trains and celebrate your birthday. Birthday parties are frequently held at homes, eateries, and banquet halls. Imagine celebrating your birthday aboard a moving train with other passengers and IRCTC employees!

Wouldn’t that make for a unique experience?

IRCTC currently celebrates birthdays on its flagship train, the Tejas Express.

When you are cutting the cake, the train employees will sing a happy birthday song and bring the cake for you.

Through random lotteries, IRCTC also chooses travelers to receive unexpected presents.

In recent years, IRCTC has made a lot of efforts to improve and market its services.

Additionally, IRCTC doesn’t add any additional fees to the ticket price to cover the cost of the birthday cake. In addition, Zoop has long offered cake delivery inside trains.

Celebration of a birthday on the Tejas Express

Your birthday marks a significant milestone in your life. It is an occasion to rejoice over another year of life.

IRCTC announced commemorating the Birthday and delivering surprise presents to lucky passengers after the Tejas Express operation resumed on August 6.

Tejas Express is famous for being the first private train run by Indian Railways. The plan to celebrate the birthday took place from August 27 to September 6.

A drawing was used to select the fortunate travelers.

Do Other Trains Other Than Tejas Express Allow Us to Celebrate Our Birthday?

Other than the Tejas Express, you can go on trains and celebrate your birthday.

You must order Cake in advance from Zoop to do this. Your seat at the designated station will receive the Cake.

After that, you can enjoy a birthday celebration with your loved ones, friends, and fellow travelers. You may celebrate while traveling even if there are no formal rules from Indian Railways regarding birthday celebrations.

Any dangerous action is not permitted by Indian Railways.

Therefore, if you’re celebrating or cutting a cake on the train, be sure to refrain from burning candles or bringing a knife.

Delivery of cakes on trains

In order to fully appreciate the good things about the day, the birthday celebration is crucial.

It is crucial to make this special day joyful and unforgettable because it is everyone’s most memorable day. You make the day wonderful by cutting the cake, singing the happy birthday song, and giving slices of cake to your family and friends.

In rare circumstances, you can be traveling on a train for a significant event or day in your life. It’s time to download the Zoop app and place your order for cake delivery on trains.

How to Have a Birthday Party on a Train?

Many of you might want to surprise your loved ones by having a birthday celebration on the train.

To assure a special birthday celebration on the train, follow these instructions:

  • Open the Zoop app on your smartphone or go to the Zoop website.
  • By entering your PNR number, you can retrieve all the information on your trip.
  • When choosing a restaurant and cake for your birthday party,
  • Continue to the payment section, where you can pay for your Cake order via COD or online.
  • Following a successful transaction, you will receive a confirmation email and SMS.

You can spice up your birthday celebration on the train by ordering a delectable meal.

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