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The train has food facilities at many stations. Right now more than 400 stations provide Online Food Order In Train and more than 7000 trains have linked up with this. There are popular railway stations at which you can receive food like Delhi station, Jalandhar junction, Ludhiana station, Pathankot Cantt, Jammu Tawi, Chandigarh station, Ambala station, Pune station, and many more stations.

But the Kanpur railway station is one of the best stations that have a food delivery facility. The food is delivery is also very fast. The local restaurants that provide food delivery at Kanpur railway station are safe and hygienic. They also have a food safety department certificate and approval. Many trains pass through this station the whole day. So the passengers can enjoy the tasty food at this station if they have it along their route. The meal at this station is tasty, healthy, and is also pocket friendly.

How You Can Order Food On The Train At Kanpur Railway Station:

As we know there are many trains that pass through Kanpur railway station. If your train is also having this station on the path. Then you can order food in train with a very easy process.

First, you have to enter your PNR number or train number on a website or app.

After confirmation of your PNR number, you can proceed further.

Now you will have the list of the delivery stations here you have to select the Kanpur railway station.

Then select the restaurant and from its menu select your favorite dish that you want to enjoy during traveling.

After that payment page will open on your screen.

Now select the payment mode that is online or Cash on delivery.

Then wait for the message which will tell you whether your order is placed or not.

After the confirmation of the order just relax and wait for your order.

Food Options That You Can Enjoy At Kanpur Railway Station:

The most popular railway station for food delivery. This has many local restaurants that deliver a variety of food to you. From Online Food Order In Train, you can order a variety of food items. As many people travel by train and some belong to different culture also. The railway and restaurant remember that thing and provide every type of food that too right in your seat.

You can order various varieties of food like Punjabi food, Jain food, veg food, non-veg food, south Indian food, Chines, Italian, combo meal, and beverages like tea, coffee, and milk. South Indian food has many varieties like dosa, idli, sambar, uttapam, and more. Chinese food consist of noodles, burger, french fries, Manchurian, etc., Similarly, all other food items have a lot of variation in the food. You can place an order for any of the food items that will make your journey more enjoyable.

Is The Food At Kanpur Railway Station Safe And Hygienic?

The food by local vendors at the railway stations is no doubt unhealthy and unhygienic. As they cook food in unclean places also the food items are not fresh. And moreover, they don’t provide us lot of options in food items you have to eat what they make. The vegetables they use are also not fresh.

But Nowadays restaurants have more concerned than people about hygiene. Secondly, the restaurants that deliver online food in train at Kanpur station have the approval of FSSAI. That means they follow the proper guideline. They cook fresh and hygienic food with proper safety and security. They also deliver food to you on your seat. You can also select different items according. The vegetables and fruits they use are also fresh and the different items use to cook food are in the proper place the cooking palace is also clean. You can order safe and hygienic food online.

More Facilities That You Get From Food In Train At Kanpur Railway Station:

The railway after introducing Online Food Order In Train has changed the whole system. The passenger can now order food of their choice. The train travel by many railway stations but one of the famous railway station is Kanpur railway station. At this station with online food delivery, you can get many benefits like

  • Food of your choice.
  • Fastest food delivery.
  • Safe and hygienic food.

And you can also get many discounts and offers through online food delivery.

You can also enjoy some of Kanpur’s famous dishes.

From this, you can get the chance to tase the following Kanpur dishes

Shami kebab: For non-veg people, this is the best time to taste the traditional dish of Kanpur.

Kanpur biryani: The biryani cooked in Desi ghee and with Indian spices can make you its fan.

Shekhawat thali: The popular thali that contains all the food items which are difficult to finish by a single person.

Basket chat: The tangy and sweet sauce with a lot of spicy flavors filled with boiled and mashed potatoes can be the best evening snack for your journey.

You can enjoy many more local dishes with online food delivery on a train that too right on your seat.

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