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Consider this: You’re on the Begampura Express (Train Number: 12238), the rhythmic clatter of wheels on the rail track providing a relaxing background. Delicious dining can make this journey even more memorable as the train weaves its way through gorgeous scenery. You’re in for a culinary treat, as you explore the world of gourmet train dining made simple with Zoop India. Say goodbye to train food woes and hello to a lovely ride full of flavors that tempt your taste buds.

Enjoy delicious meals on the Begampura Express: Order food in train with Zoop India

Zoop India is IRCTC’s official e-catering partner and your most reliable travel buddy, if you are looking to order delicious and fresh food in train. Follow these simple steps to place your train food order:

1. Visit Zoop Website or Download the App

The first step in ordering food for your journey on the Begampura Express train is to visit the Zoop India website (https://www.zoopindia.com/) or download the Zoop Android or iOS app. 

2. Search for the Train

Once you’re on the Zoop platform, select “Train Name / No.” from the displayed options to search for restaurants. In the search box, enter either the train name, “BEGAMPURA EXP,” or the train number, “12238.”

3. Choose Your Preferred Restaurant

You will be presented with a list of restaurants available at stations where the Begampura Express train halts. Once you’ve selected a restaurant, browse their menu items and create your order. 

food in train on the begampura express

4. Apply Discount Codes

Zoop often offers discount codes and special offers. Be sure to apply any available discounts to make your train food order even more affordable. Explore discounts available on Zoop: https://www.zoopindia.com/offers 

5. Payment Options

You can choose to pay for your order online or opt for cash on delivery, depending on your preference and convenience.

6. Delivery to Your Seat

Once you’ve placed your order, you can relax and enjoy your journey. Your delicious meal will be delivered right to your seat when the train arrives at the chosen railway station in your journey.

Discover a wide range of culinary treats for your train food order: Restaurants enroute the Begampura Express

For your convenience, we have listed below some of the most popular restaurants to order from when traveling on the Begampura Express:

Chawlas’2 Express (Pathankot Cantt):

Explore a wide choice in flavors with North Indian, Punjabi, Mughalai, Chinese, and Fast Food dishes. Explore the menu: https://www.zoopindia.com/restaurant/food-in-train-by-chawlas’2-express-at-pathankot-cantt 

Gurdaspuria Vaishno Dhaba (Jalandhar Cant):

Embark on an exciting culinary adventure featuring North Indian, Punjabi, Fast Food, Mughlai, and Continental delicacies. Explore the menu: https://www.zoopindia.com/restaurant/food-in-train-by-gurdaspuria-vaishno-dhaba-at-jalandhar-cant 

Wah Ji Wah (Ambala Cant Jn):

Satiate your taste buds with a rich menu boasting North Indian, Fast Food, Maharashtrian, and Italian dishes. You can also find pure Jain food options here. Explore the menu: https://www.zoopindia.com/restaurant/food-in-train-by-wah-ji-wah-at-ambala-cant-jn 

Khana Khazana (Varanasi Jn):

Delve into a tasty blend of NNorth Indian, Chinese, Mughalai, Continental, Italian, Punjabi, and Bengali cuisines. Explore the menu: https://www.zoopindia.com/restaurant/food-in-train-by-khana-khazana-at-varanasi-jn 

indian meals on train

Benefits of ordering with Zoop India: Enjoy yummy train food order as per your convenience

Zoop offers several special features to enhance your food ordering experience:

Hygiene guaranteed:

To ensure compliance with sanitary standards, including valid FSSAI certificates and cleanliness in cooking and packaging areas, all partner restaurants on Zoop’s platform undergo stringent checks and audits.

Order food in train for groups:

You can order food in train in large quantities for groups using Zoop. Order food in train in bulk: https://www.zoopindia.com/group-food-order-in-train  

Enjoy reliable Jain meals:

Looking for pure Jain food in train? With Zoop, you can stay tension-free, as it lets you easily order Jain meals and thalis on your journey. Order Jain food in train: https://www.zoopindia.com/jain-food-in-train 


Shower your taste buds with a wide range of flavors when traveling on the Begampura Express, with Zoop India! With its simple ordering process, diverse culinary choices, awesome discounts, and special features like hygiene compliance, group orders, and Jain food options, Zoop India ensures that your train travel experience is always memorable!

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