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With the decision from Indian Railways to resume e-catering services in trains from 8th June, Agora India is also advertising about the importance of hygienic food for the health of passengers to only public transport services such as buses, metros and trains. Cutting down into traditional catering services, Zoop provides online catering for public transport because even a single incident can lead to spread low-grade fever

You cannot rely on pantry car food during the current coronavirus pandemic, in which restaurants and food on train services have been suspended for hygiene violations. E-catering is the only solution to get hygienic and fresh food even while traveling. There will be no cooked food services coming from a pantry car. Indian Railways has also guaranteed to offer only packaged food items that come from the e-catering facility so guests have a stable food source.

In case of a pandemic, catering on Indian Railways is unreliable. Only the e-catering facility can solve this issue with limited food options and high quality food.

E-catering services like Zoop through the internet can help avoid foodborne illnesses caused my transmittable electronic formats. Here’s a breakdown of how this service could deliver quality food with less cost, time and effort.

  1. Working with IRCTC: Zoop has realized its fleet of food caterers could be used to solve the crowding at food plazas that serves as distractions for commuters on their train journeys.
  2. How to implement social distancing: The implementation of Social Distancing by encouraging passengers to order foods in trains; can decrease the coronavirus transmission in trains. This will decrease the people ordering food at food stalls making a crucial part of social distancing successful.
  3. Contactless Delivery and Money Payments to Ensure Zero Human Contact: There will be no human contact between passengers and food delivery staff because Zoop accepts payments online. So, there will be no need for cash exchanges as passengers don’t have to carry debit or credit cards, which are more likely to contain the coronavirus than cash.

FSSAI Approved Restaurants Prepare Food in Complete Adherence to Indian Food Standards and Guidelines- Zoop partners with restaurants that are certified under the FSSAI. This means every kitchen staff and food products are inspected before going on to be served your food- ensuring edible, safe, and clean meals for everyone.

All our food partners are directed to provide the safety that is desired by FSSAI by following their rules and regulations. This dedication allows the partnership with Zoop to produce quality, high end product.

  • The body temperature is monitored regularly to ensure the staff and delivery boys are at their optimal level of performance for each day.
  • According to science, a cook is only allowed to prepare food if the body temperature is less than 99 °F.
  • So there is no risk of coronavirus transmission through food, due to kitchens being regularly cleaned and sanitized.
  • All the restaurant staff must wear masks while they cook and serve food.

In order to ensure safe travel and decrease risk of severe respiratory conditions, Indian Railways has started several special trains after a long gap. The Ministry of Railways tweeted that Railways will run 200 fully reserved trains with AC/Non-AC coaches, with effect from 1st June. There are some restrictions and precautions in place to reduce the risk of coronavirus pandemic.

Completing your dinner on the go has never been easier. With Zoop App, you can order food in train through contactless payment with just a few clicks. www.zoopindia.com

For a hassle-free food experience, download the Zoop App on your Android or iOS device. You can now make contactless payments for complete transparency and get a more hygienic, on-the-go meal to munch on as it’s delivered without hassle.

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