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While most people think of train journeys as a practical way to get to their next destination, they can also be very relaxing and exciting. But nothing is more exciting than a journey that really goes the extra mile by giving travellers options on what they can do in Mumbai or on their way there. Zoop India has just made it easier for you to plan your trip in advance with options like placing an order on its zoop India mobile app, making sure you have some personalized souvenirs, or even booking a unique dining experience.

What is Zoop India?

Zoop India is an e-catering foodservice facilitator for IRCTC, which provides delicious meals to commuters. The company has a food delivery option on almost all junctions, which will convert your journey into a delicious journey in a single train journey. You will receive contactless food delivery with hygiene.

What Makes Zoop India stand out from the crowd?

Zoop India offers a personalized approach to train journeys. They offer various features like food, hygiene, and sanitized food bags to make your journey easy. These services are provided by the staff on the train who are trained to act as your personal members of staff.

How to make your journey a memorable one

Your journey from one station to another can be likened to a travel journal. With your camera handy, take pictures of the natural beauty you see and capture many memories that will last a lifetime. Be it on the train, in-between stations, or even during your commute, Zoop India is your partner! From trips around the country to vacations, Zoop India takes care of your hunger so that you have more fun, more energy while traveling.

What are the advantages of Zoop India?

Zoop India offers a lot to its customers. Its website and mobile application are designed in such a way that it is easy for the user to find out about the services that are offered. For instance, if you are looking for any restaurant on a particular station, you can search on a mobile application quickly. However, Zoop India has an option on their application to search restaurants by PNR /Train Name/No./Station. So that you can order in advance to save time. Zoop India will help you with that as well. Find out more about Zoop India and its offerings today by visiting the website!


People often complain about the travel experience in India being quite inconvenient, thus they are always looking for alternative means of transport. Zoop India is one such company that offers hygiene and delicious food with various means of traveling by train. You can enjoy a whole lot of benefits with this service ranging from their dedicated on-board food service. There is no reservation required and you can book a ticket online easily.

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