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Traveling by train can be a pleasure, but it can also be dangerous. Especially when you’re carrying food! In the past, carrying food in train journeys was risk-free but that’s not the case anymore. Find out why here.

Potential Risks Of Carrying Food On A Train?

There are many risks that come with carrying food on a train journey. It is important to be aware of these before you board your next ride. If you are thinking about carrying food on a train, there are a few things to consider first. You should be aware of the fact that it is required by law that all bags must stay in the luggage area, and carry on baggage must be stowed in overhead racks or under your seat.

Food Delivery in Train:

Zoop delivers food to your seat in less than 30 minutes. They only use premium shipping and handling companies and their riders are knowledgeable about the stations and its importance. This means that you will get your order faster. Plus, with their online tracking tool, you can always find out where your package is at any given point of time.

Ordering food on an Indian train does not pose any challenges like ordering from a restaurant in the IRCTC Station location. You can order from your mobile as you travel, and the food will be delivered to your seat.
Most importantly, the food is tasty and authentic! So don’t worry about this, just get some home cooked Indian delicacies and enjoy your train ride!

How To Order Food Online?

You can actually order online for the delivery of the Indian food in the train. they allow you to track your food on their website or app. Consult with their customer service team with your queries and they will help you out. They are always there to help and resolve any of your queries. You can also use Zoop coupon codes for online food ordering. Zoop gives you the flexibility of choosing your menu options, whether it is a vegetarian option or non-vegetarian, pick one from their menu section. Simply click on ‘My order’ tab on the website/app and select your meal option from the food category dropdown. Ensure that you don’t miss out on the discount coupons of Zoop.

For fresh and healthy food delivery, you must try the online food ordering service from IRCTC eCatering partner. The online food ordering service from Zoop App allows you to track your order online along with a variety of payment options for convenience. Furthermore, the online food ordering service from Zoop offers exciting deals and discounts for frequent customers. Moreover, have a look at their user friendly interface which gives you an option of tracking your order with ease.

Will food in your bag cause an issue with the train journey?

Carrying food on a train can be dangerous because the smell could signal to other passengers that something is wrong. If that happens, then it might start an altercation between passengers and conductors. In order to avoid this, pack your food in a bag or container with a discreet lid so that people don’t notice it. When travelling on a train with a lot of people, there could be multiple bag checks. If you pack your food in an opaque or closed container, then these can be checked by the passengers or staff.

How can I avoid trouble by not carrying food on a train journey?

You should not walk through the train car with food in your hands. Keeping these items in your bag or on your lap is recommended. You should also avoid eating heavily scented foods like onions, garlic, and sardines if you are traveling on a crowded train carriage. It is always important to follow the rules of the train company so that you don’t get into trouble at all.

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