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Indian Railway Food Menu

Every journey feels incomplete without delicious snacks or satisfying meals. Imagine indulging in delectable food while gazing out at the passing landscapes. To turn this dream into reality, the Indian Railways system introduced the IRCTC food menu, offering passengers a chance to embark on a delightful culinary adventure alongside their travels.

Catering to millions of train passengers, IRCTC menu prioritizes customer satisfaction at affordable prices. They’ve made significant strides in recent years, significantly improving their services and IRCTC food menu list. This ongoing initiative aims to strike a perfect balance between affordability and health, introducing positive changes to the onboard food menu. 

IRCTC Food Menu for Train Passengers

Train journeys used to be synonymous with limited menus: generic vegetarian and non-vegetarian options with a sprinkle of forgettable snacks. While platform vendors undoubtedly prioritize hygiene, food quality could be a gamble depending on location and time. Thanks to the revised and unique IRCTC food menu, travellers can order a variety of meals on trains from the official app. 

Types of food served on Indian Trains

The culinary experiences are subjective depending upon the different brands of trains and coach classes. The IRCTC eCatering offers a range of dining options to suit various budgets and preferences. Passengers on premium trains like Shatabdi and Duronto can enjoy an extensive menu.  IRCTC label this as the “Economic Meal”, which consists of healthy yet delicious nutrients. Additionally, for budget-conscious travellers, IRCTC offers affordable meal counters at over 100 stations across India.

Know- Meals on Wheels and its importance for travellers

IRCTC Breakfast Menu

Item NameDescription Price (At Station / In Train) 
Veg Breakfast (Cutlet) Sliced bread, veg cutlet, butter in blister package, tomato ketchup in casserole ₹35 / ₹40
Veg Breakfast (Idli & Vada) Idli, Vada, and Chutney in the disposable cup packed in a casserole ₹35 / ₹40
Veg Breakfast (Upma & Vada) Upma, Vada Chutney in a disposable cup packed in a casserole ₹35 / ₹40
Non-Veg Breakfast (Egg Omellett) Bread Slice, Omelette/ Boiled Egg, butter in blister pack, tomato ketchup sachets ₹45 / ₹50

Food delivery in Train

IRCTC Lunch Menu

Item Name Description Price 
Assortment of South Indian Rice Casserole Curd Rice, Sambhar Rice, Lemon Rice with pickle sachet  in blister pack packed in casserole₹50
Rajma /Chole Chawal Casserole Rice, Chole/Rajma, pickle sachet packed in casserole ₹50
Khichdi / Bhature Chole  Kulcha/ Bhatura Choley, Pickle packed in a casserole ₹50
Pao Bhaji Pao Bhaji, butter in a blister, pickle, packed in casserole ₹50

Online Train Food Ordering process for Indian Railways

IRCTC Dinner Menu

Item Name Description Price (At station/ In Train) 
Veg Meal Rice, 2 paratha/Chapatis, Dal sambhar, Mix veg and curd, pickle in sachet packed in casserole ₹70/₹80
Non-Veg Meal Standard (Egg Curry with Rice)2 parathas/ Dal/Sambhar, Two egg curry, curd, pickle packed in casserole ₹80/₹90
Non-Veg Standard Meal (Chicken curry with Rice) Plain Rice, 2 parathas, Dal/Sambhar, Chicken curry, curd, pickle in sachet, casserole₹120/₹130
Veg BiryaniVeg Briyani, Curd, pickle in casserole ₹70/₹80
Egg Biryani Biryani, 2 eggs, packed in casserole, curd, pickle, ₹80/₹90
Chicken Biryani Biryani with boneless chicken packed in casserole, curd, pickle ₹100/₹110
Janta Meal 7 no. Pooris, Aloo Dry curry, pickle  ₹15/₹20

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Best Food on Train Offers with IRCTC e-catering Partner ZOOP

However, Zoop shifted the entire meal to the concept of the wheel in trains. This authorized IRCTC partner app lets you ditch the generalised IRCTC food menu. Order everything from Jain meals to North Indian delights, place your dinner order in the train from South Indian specialties to Continental classics, or savour the tang of Chinese. No matter your taste, Zoop ensures your travel companions are your cravings, not bland options. Travellers can enjoy the local delicacies while travelling. So, while in Jaipur, you can enjoy the world-famous dal batti churma, in Lucknow, relish the tempting kebabs and so on. 

online IRCTC food delivery in train with Zoop

Zoop does not limit itself to online railway food booking services, travellers can use Zoop to find their train, track their seats in coaches and more. Being the best food delivery in train, Zoop ensures to provide train-related services to customers in the easiest way possible. 

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