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If you are travelling by Indian Train then there are some important things which you should consider when planning to go on a trip. Find out more about the travelling in India and how to make your journey more comfortable with the tips in this article.


Understanding Indian Train


There are many changes that Indian Railways has made, which makes travelling in India very easy. India has the largest railway network in the world. Trains are a good and safe alternative to traveling by road on holidays or long weekends. You should make sure your luggage is properly tagged and you have your tickets and passport with you, before you board the train.


Travelling Requirements in Indian Train


You must have a valid Indian train ticket which is confirmed before travelling. This is primarily for safety reasons. Travelling on an Indian train is different from travelling in North America and Europe. First of all, there’s no WiFi or cell service so you can’t use your phone during the ride.


Secondly, trains in India run on time, but the journey can be long so it’s important to download the zoop mobile application to order hot and delicious food in train. Thirdly, there are no seats – you stand at all times. Finally, the trains can get crowded which means it may not be possible to sit down during a long journey.


General Rules and Regulations of Indian Train


The Indian railways has a very large network and there are many trains that it has to offer. People consider trains as faster, more comfortable, and safer compared to buses. When it comes to travelling, there are certain rules that people need to follow in order to enjoy the journey without any complications in getting from one point of interest to another.


While travelling on Indian train, many rules and regulations need to be followed. For example, the first is that you should carry a valid ticket. Secondly, certain items are prohibited, because they can cause hazards in case of accidents. These include sharp objects and battery packs that use non-standard voltage.


How to Book your Tickets


If you are travelling in India, the best and easiest way to buy your train tickets is online. If the Indian Railway website isn’t working for you, some other websites that help you book your tickets are MakeMyTrip, or Indian Railways Online.


How to Book a Reservation in Indian Train


The Indian Railway is one of the most popular modes of transport in India. The train can accommodate a variety of people, from students to executives. There are over 10,000 trains that travel across India every day.

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