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There are multiple options for ordering food online but Indian Railways have their own online service to order food for delivery. Using this nifty service, you can choose what you want from the menu and then pay for it at the station when it’s delivered! Here’s all you need to know about Kanpur trains and their new online order service.

Online Ordering System (OOS):

www.zoopindia.com is an Online Food Ordering Systems (OFOS) is a web application which helps the customers to place their order from any part of the world. The Zoop’s system will send an SMS to the registered mobile number of the customer, who can receive their order within minutes. There are several advantages for using such system in trains like:

  1. Customers can place an order by entering their PNR number on portal.
  2. Select Station and choose your favorite food from menu
  3. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any special skills and knowledge: pay online with your credit card or debit card

Order Food Online for Delivery at Kanpur Indian Railways Station:

Kanpur Railway Station’s restaurant is famous for its food and delicious Indian cuisine. One of the main highlights of the station is a wide variety of dishes to choose from such as, kebabs, biryani and mutton tawa kaamandas, which are some of the most amazing Indian delicacies in Kanpur. Railway stations are an ideal place for food delivery. A huge number of people tend to order meals at railway stations every day, especially when they have time constraints. Kanpur is a good example of this huge demand for food delivery at railway stations.

It is important to keep your orders prepared beforehand in order to avoid any delays that might happen due to delays in delivering the food. If you’re craving for a hot, fresh meal in the middle of your busy day then online ordering food from Kanpur Railway stations is definitely one of the solutions. You can order food for delivery at Indian Railways stations in Kanpur, Lucknow and Varanasi.

How To Order Food Online In Train?

There are many ways to order food online in trains. The most popular way is through the website www.zoopindia.com and it is quick, easy, and costs less than ordering from a restaurant. However, in order to order food online you need to have valid ticket of Indian Railways. With a click of a button, you can request for specific dishes in Kanpur Indian Railway stations. You can also view the meal options across all Kanpur Railway stations. This service allows you to have food delivered to your seat. You also can place the order through IRCTC Food Delivery App.

What Are The Advantages Of Ordering Food Online?

Online ordering of food can be very convenient for people who are travelling, busy, or simply don’t have time to cook. Ordering food online is also much more affordable than having meals delivered from a restaurant. One of the most important benefits of ordering food online is that it saves you time. It also brings down your cost because you don’t have to go out to buy food when it’s not convenient. There are so many restaurants in Kanpur that offer their services online. If a restaurant isn’t listed on their website, they may be able to provide that service through an alternate means of communication.

Alternatives to an Online Ordering System:

Kanpur Indian Railways has replaced their old system of placing orders for food that was to be delivered at various stations with an online ordering system so that people can order food before they arrive. Online orders are placed through a mobile app and the order will be sent to the nearest railway station where it will be picked up by the vendor. Or Call on  +91-8010802222 and place order offline.


The article mentioned how the Indian Railways are making the ordering food easy for people to do. Many people are able to order their food online, and have it delivered at a station near them. There are some disadvantages of this system because of the hassle of trying to find your place in the line, or worrying about someone stealing your food from you. The blog also mentions that many people are satisfied with the service provided by the Indian Railways, especially those who have taken advantage of being able to get food delivered to them from home.

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