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The Indian Railways conducts a new train service to provide customers a chance to order food online, and in just five minutes!

Buy food online in trains

As IRCTC is a website in which one can book tickets, it also has provisions for food with zoopindia.com. Zoop offers several options so that one can easily find what they need by simply selecting their meal preference. IRCTC is one of the oldest online railway ticket reservation systems in India. It was established in 1997. But today more and more people use it to buy food, snacks and other items in trains. Here’s how you can order food using zoopindia.com website or mobile applications.

How to order food online in train website

You can now order food from your favorite hotel or restaurant directly from Zoop in the train itself. Visit the application (zoopindia.com or downloads the mobile application from play store) of the station you are about to board and select “Food”. You will be required to provide your train number, so keep a note of it! Zoop India provide you search option with PNR or Station name so that you can easily order the food.

What are the benefits of it?

Zoop is fully registered & empaneled with IRCTC. It’s in Hindi and English, so even if you don’t speak Hindi or don’t have an Indian credit card, you can use it to get your tikka masala. One of the most beneficial features of Zoop is that it lets you order food on trains. This feature helps people who don’t eat a lot of food because they’re on the go, or people who are traveling by themselves:

-“It’s possible to buy meals from shops near railway stations as well as from restaurants at many stations.”

What are the alternatives?

One of the most commonly asked questions about Zoop is how to order food. There are many alternatives to getting food in trains, but some may be more convenient than others. You can opt for online orders, food preparation services, and even pre-packaged meals that you need to purchase at the station itself.


Travelling by train is a fun and easy experience. Travelling by train in India and Japan are rather different than travelling at home. The Indian railways have Zoop, which is an online system for passengers to order food or book tickets. If you want to order food in trains, you can use the Zoop app on your phone or laptop to place an order.

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