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One of the things that you have to do on a daily basis is order food online to have it delivered right at your home. Now, one long-distance train ride in India, food ordering online is an essential. This article will give you tips to help you better navigate the world of Indian online food ordering in the 21st century.

Train keeping is an option of food ordering by the Indian Railways for those who wish to eat in the train at a designated station. It is especially useful for those having heavy lunch or dinner requirements and are travelling long-distance.

How to order food online while travelling in India

Train travel has its benefits. Food for instance can be ordered online for a final meal before a long haul journey to make sure that whatever you take in, you enjoy it. From our experience, train food is not always as good as one might hope while travelling overseas. An easy way to order food in this situation is to search on the official website of your respective rail network in India before booking your tickets. Here are some of the best ways to order food online in India without fail:

How the process of ordering food works on Indian Railways

The process of ordering food online for delivery on Indian Railways begins with paying-in. The passenger must then pay the fees which include the food, delivery and processing charges. This money needs to be conducted from a bank to an IRCTC account through net banking. After reaching the railway station, they will scan their codes to enter the station and collect their orders at a designated stall/platform.

Pros and Cons of online food orders

Ordering food online has many advantages. Since there is no line, waiting for one is unnecessary. One can avoid having to go out to a restaurant and cook when they can get their food right ahead of time. The drawback to ordering food online is that one must take the risk of not getting what was ordered. To minimize this risk, the best option is to order from the company they are already familiar with so that problems occur less frequently an item was given out by mistake or was simply not ready yet

The next steps

If your train is connecting with a station, make sure you know the city’s name to find out about the nearest food outlets. Your ticket should also have details about where you can place your order. Before you order food online, it’s important to choose a train first. Larger trains offer more choices, but you will have a harder time finding seats within train stations of smaller cities.

Let’s admit it, we’re all lazy, so why not order food on the Internet instead of traveling. Using the Indian Railways Train Enquiry System Search First and type your destination for food options available in that station which are ordered for delivery only.

You can find almost any type of food from around India from a variety of restaurants having outlets in your city. You can order food for delivery in train online through website, mobile app or by calling 8010802222. This service is available for all major railway stations for all the trains. Taste the flavors of India with Zoop.

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