Order Food in Anvt Humsafar 12571

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Restaurants at Gorakhpur Jn

Halt: 00 mins. | S.T.A. 18:45 | E.T.A. 18:45

Lazeez Restaurant
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Station: Gorakhpur Jn
North Indian, Punjabi, Chinese...
Min. Order: ₹249

Order food in train Anvt Humsafar 12571 online for your journey in few simple steps. You will get delivery on train right at your seat. Please note steps to book your food order for Anvt Humsafar:-

  1. Visit Zoop Website or download the Zoop Android App or iOS App
  2. Select ‘Train Name / No.’ from the displayed options to search restaurants,
  3. Enter train name 'Anvt Humsafar' or train number '12571' in the search box,
  4. Pick restaurant from the list displayed,
  5. Create your order from menu items shown,
  6. Apply discount codes from the available offers,
  7. Choose to pay online or cash on delivery,
  8. Your order will be delivered on your seat when the train arrives at the chosen railway station in your journey.

Train Anvt Humsafar with number 12571 runs from at . It runs on day(s) of the week and reaches at . Total distance covered by Anvt Humsafar is Kms with an average speed of km/hr. It has coaches. Anvt Humsafar 12571 has stoppages at stations with an average halt time of minutes per railway station. The maximum halt time of this train is at with minutes and minimum halt with minutes at railway station.

Food on Train Anvt Humsafar

You can order quality food delivery in train Anvt Humsafar online for your journey at 1 stations namely, Gorakhpur Jn, through some of the popular restaurants empanelled in e-Catering. Zoop is official food aggregator appointed by IRCTC to assist railway passengers order food in Anvt Humsafar train online. You can also book orders on official ‘Food on Track’ App. All restaurants are approved by IRCTC e-Catering train food services. Each restaurant doing food delivery in Anvt Humsafar pass thorough checks and audits for their hygiene and other compliances. These include valid FSSAI certificate, cleanliness in kitchen and packaging areas, taxation compliances etc. So, go ahead and order tasty food at affordable prices with best offers for train food delivery services in Anvt Humsafar train.

You can also book group food order on train Anvt Humsafar 12571. Bulk booking service is available at Gorakhpur Jn railway station in train Anvt Humsafar.

Details of railway stations where you can order food in Anvt Humsafar 12571 online are as follows: -

  1. Gorakhpur Jn Railway Station– Gorakhpur Jn is the 1st railway station on the route of Anvt Humsafar 12571 train for which you can order food delivery online. Station code of Gorakhpur Jn is GKP. Anvt Humsafar reaches Gorakhpur Jn at 18:45 hrs and has a stoppage time of 00:00 minutes. Currently online food order on train service on Anvt Humsafar is carried out by 1 restaurant(s) namely, Lazeez Restaurant. You must definitely try ordering North Indian, Punjabi, Chinese, Fast Food along with many mouth-watering specialities at Gorakhpur Jn station.

FAQ on Train food delivery in Anvt Humsafar 12571 of online orders

Q1. How to book food in train Anvt Humsafar 12571 online?

You can book food on Anvt Humsafar 12571 train online at Zoop Website or Zoop Android App or iOS App for railway food orders.

Q2. How to book online railway food order in Anvt Humsafar 12571 train?

Ordering online railway food for journey in Anvt Humsafar train online is extremely easy. Kindly follow below mentioned steps to order tasty, hygienic, and affordable food for delivery on your train berth or seat: -
  1. Visit Page www.zoopindia.com/order-food-in-Anvt Humsafar-12571,
  2. Choose your favourite restaurant from the list displayed,
  3. Select menu items from the chosen restaurant’s menu shown,
  4. Share your PNR and passenger contact details,
  5. You can pay cash on delivery or even upfront online,
  6. You would receive your order on your seat when the train arrives at the desired railway station.

Q3. How to order train food delivery for Anvt Humsafar 12571 in IRCTC e-Catering ‘Food on Track’ App?

Please note steps to order train food delivery in Anvt Humsafar 12571 online on e-Catering ‘Food on Track’ App: -
  1. Enter PNR or Train Name 'Anvt Humsafar' or Number '12571' in the search box,
  2. Look for Zoop logo in the stations available on your journey,
  3. Pick restaurants from the list displayed,
  4. Create your order from the online menu card,
  5. You can pay cash on delivery or online in advance,
  6. Get delivery on your train seat.

Q4. How to book a meal order in train 12571 Anvt Humsafar on call?

Please call at +91 801080 2222 to book a meal in 12571 Anvt Humsafar train on call.

Q5. Can we pay online for food order in train Anvt Humsafar train 12571?

Yes, you can pay online safely with convenience from various mediums like Debit / Credit Card, eWallets, Net Banking etc to pay food in Anvt Humsafar train 12571 orders online.

Q6. How to order food for groups in Anvt Humsafar 12571 in bulk quantity online?

Please follow steps mentioned below to order bulk order for groups travelling in Anvt Humsafar train: -
  1. Visit https://www.zoopindia.com/group-food-order-in-train,
  2. Fill journey details in the form displayed,
  3. Share your menu preference and number of passengers,
  4. You will receive customized menu options as per your interest,
  5. Apply available discounts and offers from the chosen restaurant,
  6. You will get delivery in Anvt Humsafar train coach at desired station.
You can also call at +91 8010802222 or visit www.zoopindia.com/order-food-in-Anvt Humsafar-12571 to place bulk food order for groups in Anvt Humsafar 12571.

Q7. How to do IRCTC e-catering vendor registration for food delivery in Anvt Humsafar train

Restaurant or kitchen owners can visit https://www.zoopindia.com/register-restaurant-for-food-in-train to register as food vendor for IRCTC e-Catering in Anvt Humsafar 12571. You can also call at +91 8010802222 for tie-up and listing on Zoop. Post approval you will also get listed on IRCTC official ‘Food on Track’ App and website.

Q8. How to get Jain Food Delivery in train Anvt Humsafar 12571?

You can visit Zoop Website and click on Jain Food on the top right. Thereafter simply type Anvt Humsafar or 12571 in the search box to order jain food in train Anvt Humsafar 12571.

Q9. How to book WhatsApp food order in train Anvt Humsafar 12571?

IRCTC allows passengers to book train food orders on Zoop WhatsApp number 7042062070 for deliveries in Anvt Humsafar 12571.