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SACHKAND EXPRES 12715 Time-Table

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SrStation NameArr.Dept.HaltDayDist. Kms
1H Sahib Nanded09:3009:3000:0010
2Purna Jn10:0010:0200:02131
3Parbhani Jn10:3510:4000:05159
7Manmad Jn15:5015:5500:051350
8Chalisgaon Jn16:4316:4500:021417
9Pachora Jn17:2317:2500:021462
10Jalgaon Jn17:5818:0000:021510
11Bhusaval Jn18:3018:3500:051534
14Itarsi Jn23:0023:0500:051841
15Bhopal Jn00:4000:5000:102939
16Bina Jn02:4002:4200:0221077
17Lalitpur Jn03:2103:2300:0221140
18Virangana Lakshmibai Jhansi Junction04:2704:3500:0821230
20Gwalior Jn05:4005:4200:0221327
23Agra Cantt08:0008:0500:0521446
24Mathura Jn08:4308:4500:0221499
26H Nizamuddin10:5010:5200:0221633
27New Delhi11:2511:4000:1521640
28Panipat Jn12:4312:4500:0221729
30Kurukshetra Jn13:3213:3400:0221797
31Ambala Cant Jn14:4514:5500:1021838
33Sahibzada Asngr15:5515:5700:0221894
34Ludhiana Jn17:5518:0500:1021996
35Phagwara Jn18:3418:3600:0222031
36Jalandhar City19:0719:1200:0522052
38Amritsar Jn20:3520:3500:0022131

*Disclaimer: Information displayed is only indicative and based on past occurrence. For latest updates check Railway enquiry.

Train time-table shows the complete train schedule. It tells you arrival, departure, and halt time at each station of a train route. Number of stoppages of a train are also shown when you check train time-table.


SACHKAND EXPRES train 12715, has a total of 23 coaches which consists of 8 Sleeper Non-AC coaches, 6 Third AC, 0 Second AC, 0 First AC, 0 Chair Car, 0 Executive Car

Train SACHKAND EXPRES with number 12715 runs from H Sahib Nanded (NED) at 09:30 AM on all day(s) of the week and reaches Amritsar Jn (ASR) at 08:35 PM while covering a distance of 2131 Kms at an average speed of 38 km/hr and consists of 23 coaches.

SACHKAND EXPRES / 12715 train has stoppages at 38 stations with an average halt time of 5 minutes where maximum and minimum halt time ranges from 30 minutes and 10 minutes respectively at different stations.

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