customised bulk food orderingspecial jain foodfssai approved restaurants200+ stations and countingorder food in train
customised bulk food orderingspecial jain foodfssai approved restaurants200+ stations and countingorder food in train
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Ahmedabad JnAhmedabad Jn

Agra CanttAgra Cantt

Ajmer JnAjmer Jn

Akola JnAkola Jn

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Bhopal JnBhopal Jn


Vadodara JnVadodara Jn

Bhusaval JnBhusaval Jn

Bilaspur JnBilaspur Jn

Vijayawada JnVijayawada Jn

Kanpur CentralKanpur Central

Itarsi JnItarsi Jn

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Jhansi JnJhansi Jn

Jalgaon JnJalgaon Jn

Kharagpur JnKharagpur Jn

Kalyan JnKalyan Jn

Ludhiana JnLudhiana Jn

Lucknow NrLucknow Nr


Manmad JnManmad Jn

Mathura JnMathura Jn


Nasik RoadNasik Road

Panipat JnPanipat Jn



Tatanagar JnTatanagar Jn

Ambala Cant JnAmbala Cant Jn



Are You A Restaurant Owner?

Take your business online with IRCTC e-Catering. Become an authorized vendor for train food order delivery and expand your business.



India is a culturally rich nation with incredible regional diversity that adds to the taste and flavour of food. This makes ordering food in train even more exciting. You can choose from a variety of special dishes when you place an order for online meal in train. Order special dishes from kitchens of top-rated chefs of every city. Get best food delivery in train right at your seat when your train reaches the desired station. Order food on train online from website, mobile app, or a call. This food on track service is available at all prominent railway stations for all major 4000+ trains with no hidden charges.

Railway online food has never been better. Get best discounts and offers from famous restaurants on your online railway food order from Zoop. Avail best offers while booking your train meal orders online. We have special offers for online food booking in train for bulk bookings for passengers traveling in large groups. So, allow us to deliver your favourite meals fresh and hot on your next trip each time you order online food in train from Zoop.

With every train food order you place, experience the diverse taste of Indian cuisine. We encourage passengers to order special dishes from every station. It's your chance to taste the wonderful flavours of various parts of India. Healthy breakfast, luxurious lunch, or a light dinner, our train food delivery covers all. Great food would make your pleasant train journey even more memorable. All restaurants displayed for food train delivery service are IRCTC e-Catering approved.

So, on your next train trip, just sit back, relax, and enjoy your train ride and let Zoop take care of your food service in train. Place your online train food orders and have it delivered to your seat. We are here to ensure you get to enjoy the best foods with your friends and family on your train journey.

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Zoop aims to fulfil the online food booking in train requirements of the common man on-the-go. Since planning long train journeys is a time-consuming activity, Zoop reduces this burden allowing you ease and rest on your journey.

We pay special attention to the railway food delivery aspect to ensure quality and hygiene. Zoop employs authorized online food delivery in train personnel to deliver food right at your seat. The restaurants and stations are listed on our online food order in train page - Select a station, pick a restaurant you like and place an order for the food you like. Zoop has taken care to include good quality, nutritious food, and the best train food delivery service at reasonable prices for your convenience.

Choose from a list of foods and have your fill from different menus including North Indian, South Indian, Mughlai, Punjabi, and other famous Indian cuisines that you would love to taste. Fast food sack options like Burgers, Sandwiches, Pizza and Pasta, etc. are also available. Special arrangements are available for Satvik Bhojan, Jain Bhojan, and Navratri Thalis. We aim to deliver fresh, hygienic meals to ensure best service levels. You can opt to pay via ‘cash on delivery or online as per your choice.

Food supply in train timings start around 8:30 am and continue till 10 pm at most stations. Delivery boys for trains carry ID cards issued by IRCTC. Place your food order at least 45 minutes before your train reaches the chosen station for delivery for a swift train food service. The delivery and cut-off time may differ based on the restaurant selected at some stations. We advise our customers to remain seated at their berths when the train arrives at the delivery station for the delivery boys to locate and distribute the correct order.

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IRCTC online food service started in 2016 and since has been instrumental in revamping the travel experience of the passengers. Zoop is an authorized eCatering delivery partner with IRCTC. You can book food orders in advance from the day you have booked your rail ticket. Choose the food of your choice from famous restaurants at more than 250 stations in all major 4000+ trains.

Just enter your PNR number to place your order and select the delivery station of your choice. You will receive your food at your berth almost instantly.

Passengers can order food online in train from following mediums: -

  • Zoop Website,

  • Google Play Store,

  • Call at +91 8010802222,

  • IRCTC e Catering website and Mobile App.

Zoop is an authorized food aggregator approved by the IRCTC. We adhere to the rules of the IRCTC and allow meals on train only from FSSAI certified restaurants. You can also mention any special cooking request at the time of confirming your food order in train.

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Apart from planning your food booking and delivery services, Zoop offers additional help to passengers. Along with booking food orders in trains, you can also check PNR status, train timetable, Coach Position, and platform number of your train.

Check PNR Status – You can do PNR enquiry of your ticket online here. Know seat / berth and coach information of your train ticket in advance. This information is extremely useful for passengers who have wait listed or RAC tickets.

Train Time-Table – Know train route and timings for planning your journey by checking train timetable. It is also known as train schedule. It shows all stations of a train route along with arrival, departure, and halt time at each station. You can pick best train for ticket booking by referring to time-tables of all trains of your route.

Train Coach Position – You can check Indian Railways Coach position at the platform online. It helps you know location of your coach before arrival of train at the platform. You can save time and effort while boarding the train with this online train coach status service.

Platform Locator – Every passenger wants to know on which platform at railway station their train will arrive. This platform enquiry service helps you know in advance the platform number of your train at the station online. This service is useful for passengers in planning their movement at stations.

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You can order food for delivery in train online through website, mobile app or by calling 8010802222. This service is available for all major railway stations for all the trains. Taste the flavors of India with Zoop.

Zoop is a technology company authorized by IRCTC as an aggregator to provide online food ordering and delivery services for Indian Railway passengers.

Steps to order food for train delivery online are as follows: -
  1. Enter your ten-digit PNR number,
  2. Choose station and restaurant for order,
  3. Place order from the menu displayed,
  4. Pay online or at the time of delivery in cash.

Various mediums to book a food order for train are: -
  1. Get Android mobile app at Google Play Store,
  2. Visit official website of Zoop,
  3. Call at +91 8010802222.

You can order food on train journey by choosing an upcoming station as well. Just make sure that you confirm order 45 minutes before train reaches the desired station.

Following steps will help you order food delivery in train for a specific station.
  1. Enter station name where you want food delivery,
  2. Choose a restaurant listed for that station,
  3. Create order from the menu shown of the restaurant,
  4. Pay cash on delivery or in advance online.

It is better to order food online for train travel than visiting food stalls in corona times because of following reasons: -
  1. Avoid crowds at railway platforms,
  2. Helps you maintain social distancing when you order online,
  3. Contact less delivery and online payments ensure Zero human contact,
  4. Hygienic food from certified restaurants.

Restaurants delivering food in trains are taking following safety measures in Corona times: -
  1. Regular sanitization of kitchens,
  2. Staff entry after temperature checks,
  3. Face mask is compulsory,
  4. Regular hand wash,
  5. Delivery bags sanitized after every delivery,
  6. Order handover to delivery boys after hand wash,
  7. Contact free deliveries.

Book hygienic, fresh, and tasty food for delivery on your train seat. Order food for train journeys online with the following simple steps.
  1. Enter your Train Name or number, PNR number or desired station.
  2. Choose your favorite restaurant from the list presented.
  3. Select food items from the chosen restaurant’s menu card.
  4. Pay online or cash on delivery.
  5. You will get delivery right at your seat at the chosen railway station.

To order food on call in train, dial +91 801080 2222 and share your ten-digit PNR number. We will assist you to order meals of your choice from the best restaurants. This service is available for all railway stations.

It is safe to pay for train food orders online on our platform. Choose from mediums like Debit / Credit Card, e-Wallets, or net banking. All the options will be visible to you while ordering for food in train.

One of the best mobile app to order food in train is available at Google Play Store. It gives you a smooth experience and helps you create order in short time. It covers all the trains and major railway stations.

Passengers are mostly ordering following variety of menu items online for delivery in trains.
  1. Thalis – Veg Thali, Jain Thali, Navratri Thali, Mini Thali.
  2. Rice & Biryani – Veg Pulao, Veg Biryani or Chicken Biryani with Raita.
  3. Combos – Idli Vada Sambhar Combo, Aalo Parantha with Curd (Dahi), Dal Rice Combo, Channa Rice, Rajma Rice.
  4. Fastfood – Pizza, Burgers, Sandwiches, Noodles / Chowmein, Salads, Pasta.
  5. Non-Veg food in trains – Chicken curry, Mutton Curry, Chicken 65, Chilli Chicken, Non-Veg Thali, Chicken Burger, Non-Veg Platter.
  6. Apart from this some passengers are also placing a-la-carte orders like Dal Tadka, Dal Mkhani, Shahi Paneer, Kadhai Paneer, Paneer Butter Masala, Tawa or Tandoori Butter Roti, Nan, Lachcha Parantha, Plain Rice, Jeera Rice, Boondi Raita.

Many trains in India are running without pantry cars. These trains are known as non-pantry car trains. You should not worry about food in these trains as you can order online with ease. Follow steps mentioned below to book your food order: -
  1. Share your PNR number as mentioned on your ticket,
  2. Tell us the station where you want food delivery,
  3. Pick restaurant from the list shown on that station,
  4. Select items from the menu card of chosen restaurant,
  5. Confirm order and pay online or at time of delivery.

You would see an ‘Apply Coupon’ option on the final order creation page online. Click on this link and you will see all the running offers and discounts for you. You can type your special coupon codes on the same page as well to get discounts.

You can pay either online or cash on delivery for train food orders. Only when orders value is more than Rs 500 that you need to pay in advance.

Passengers ordering food in train online can also check PNR status, Coach position, platform number, and train time-table at Zoop.

Please note steps to order food delivery in train online at IRCTC e-Catering ‘Food on Track’ App: -
  1. Enter PNR or Train Name or Number in the search box,
  2. Look for Zoop logo in the stations available on your journey,
  3. Pick restaurants from the list displayed,
  4. Create your order from the online menu card,
  5. You can pay cash on delivery or online in advance,
  6. Get delivery on your train seat.

All Rail Yatri can order their favorite khana in travel by train online from best restros on every station from Zoop website, mobile app or by call at +918010802222.