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About Mughalsarai Junction

Mughalsarai Junction is an important railway station in Uttar Pradesh, owned by Indian Railways and operated by East Central Railway. With station code MSG, the station has 8 platforms and is the fourth busiest railway junction in the country. Mughalsarai station is distinguished to have the largest railway marshaling yard in Asia. The station provides adequate facilities like as 2 AC, 4 non-AC retiring rooms, and a ten-bedded non-AC dormitory, along with a food plaza and an affordable food facility. The busiest route in the country is Allahabad-Mughalsarai route. This junction is amongst the top hundred booking stations of Indian Railways. More than 200 passenger trains and 200 goods trains pass through the Mughalsarai station on a daily basis.

About Mughalsarai

Mughalsarai is an important city in the Chandauli district of Uttar Pradesh. It is situated 16 kilometres from Varanasi. It is also a municipal board in the state. The city is connected to major cities and towns in UP through roads and the major cities through railways. It is the connection point for all rails starting from Varanasi and Allahabad districts in the west to Patna and Gaya areas in the east.


The climate of Mughal Sarai is warm and temperate. The winters experience more rainfall than the summers. The average annual temperature in Mughal Sarai is 26.1 °C.

Tourist Attractions

Mughalsarai is an ancient city that has many pilgrim centres and parks, ponds and talaabs etc. Many tourists and devotees visit this place every year especially during festivals and auspicious days. Some of the major tourist attractions are:

➤  Red Shiva Temple
➤  Koat Ki Pari Devi Mandir
➤  Kachcha Baba Mandir
➤  Hanuman Mandir
➤  Old Railway Cinema
➤  Kamala Talkies
➤  Ban Vibhag Ka Van

Culinary Delights in Mughal Sarai

The traditional city Mughalsarai is very popular for its food as this ethnic city has all types of fast food centres, sweet stalls, restaurants, tea stalls, juice stalls, coffee shops, bakeries etc. The cuisine in Mughalsarai is similar to North Indian style cuisines which have Mughal, Persian and Awadh food combinations. Wheat is the staple food crop among the locals in Mughalsarai, along with chapatis and rotis.

Food Delivery in Mughal Sarai Station

A train passes every 5 minutes in Mughal Sarai station. On a daily basis, almost 13,000-15,000 people get on and get off at this station. As such, getting out of the train and arranging a meal on the platform is not easy. It is a busy station. So make your journey comfortable. Get your food on train easily. Call us at 8010802222 to order food in train or place an order online on our site Zoop India now provides gourmet food delivery at Mughal Sarai Railway Station.