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About Abu Road Railway Station

Abu Road railway station (code ABR) is at an elevation of 860.99 feet and is an important station between Delhi and Ahmedabad on the main Indian Railways line.

About Abu Road

Abu Road is the gateway to India’s popular hill station Mt. Abu in Rajasthan. It is just 22 km away from Mt. Abu and hence aptly referred as Abu Road, though its original name was Kharadi. It comes under Sirohi district and is the largest city and a municipality in the district.

Nearest Tourist Attractions

➤  Mt. Abu
➤  Ambaji (a pilgrimage centre) 25 kms away
➤  Pedal boat ride on Nakki Lake
➤  Trekking on the Parrot Rock
➤  Watching the dawn on top of Toad Rock/sunset point
➤  Shankar Math to see a gigantic shivling
➤  Bhrahm Kumari Museum, University and World Organisation etc.


Summers are hot and humid. The average temperature is 40 degree. Hot sandy winds blow during the day time. In Winter, it is comparatively colder than other cities in Rajasthan with temperature ranging between 7 and 14 degrees. In Monsoon, the average rainfall is about 14 to 20 inches per season.

Culinary Delights

Abu Road is famous for its Rabri. It is one of the most popular culinary attractions in Abu Road, for which people from nearby areas actually visit this place. Rabri is a milk based sweet dessert.

Food Delivery in Abu Road station

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